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Rin' Profile

Rin' is a Japanese pop group which combines traditional Japanese musical instruments and style with elements of modern pop and rock music. It is a female trio of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music alumni who graduated in 2003. The band made their performing debut in December 2003, at Meguro Gajoen, and in April 2004, their first single, called "Sakitama," was released by Avex Trax.

Chie Arai and Mana Yoshinaga play koto, sangen, and jushichi-gen, while Tomoca Nagasu plays biwa and shakuhachi. All three perform vocals.

According to the band's website, the name Rin' comes from the English word 'ring', the Japanese word Wa (和, meaning both 'ring' and 'Japanese-style'), and from the trio's hope to create a 'ring', or circle, of music.

Since their debut, the band has performed in many venues around the world, and have released four singles and several albums. A number of their songs have been used as themes for anime and movies, most notable is Fuhen used in the Samurai 7 anime. .

Their chief international album, Inland Sea, was released worldwide: in Europe and the United States on April 25, 2006 and in Japan on August 30, 2006, featuring guest performances by Leigh Nash and Lisa Loeb.

According to the band's website, as of 13 February 2009, Rin' had put an end to their activities and decided to disband.

Meskipun grup ini sudah mengakhiri karirnya, namun saya hanya ingin share apa yg telah mereka tinggalkan, yaitu musik mereka, semoga dengan adanya thread ini musik mereka tidak hilang begitu aja
Mungkin sekarang lagi jamannya Kpop atau grup-grup idol, semua tergila-gila dengan Kpop dan grup idol, namun sesekali boleh kan kita denger lagu lain juga, biar ga bosen denger Kpop terus ^^

Jenis lagu mereka bisa dibilang agak unik, Rin' mencoba memainkan alat musik tradisional Jepang seperti koto, sangen, jushichi-gen, biwa, dan shakuhachi dan menggabungkannya dengan modern pop dan rock music. Hasilnya sukses dan sempat meluncurkan worldwide album di Eropa, Amerika, dan Jepang dengan judul album Inland Sea.

Berikut adalah profile para membernya dan biography Rin'


(吉永 真奈, Yoshinaga Mana) (born November 20, 1979)


Vocals, koto, sangen, jushichi-gen
D.O.B.: November 20th
Birthplace: TOKYO
Began her study of Ikuta Style Koto at age 5 under Masateru Ando Has performed nationwide and overseas, while also appearing in NHK TV programs. Also has participated in school-campus performances and worked as part-time instructor to promote Japanese Music.

(長須 与佳, Nagasu Tomoka) (born December 22, 1980)


Vocals, biwa, shakuhachi
D.O.B.: December 22nd
Birthplace: IBARAKI
Began study of Kinko Style Shakuhachi and Satsuma Biwa at age 10.Later, studied Shakuhachi under living national treasure, Goro Yamaguchi, and Ryumei Matsuyama.
Studied Satsuma Biwa under Yoshiko Sakata.
Has actively participated in a variety of fields, including overseas performances, school-campus performances, and TV/Newspaper appearances.

(新井 智恵, Arai Chie) (born May 10, 19??)


Vocals, koto, sangen, jushichi-gen
D.O.B.: May 10th
Birthplace: TOKYO
Began study of Koto at age 6 under Akiko Yazaki and Sanae Hayashi.Has performed nationwide, as well as in school-campus concerts and workshops.

Rin' Biography

Mana (Mana Yoshinaga), Tomoca (Tomoka Nagasu) and Chie (Chie Arai) formed a group called Rin’.

11th December “Rin' 1st Live at Meguro Gajoen”
More than 300 audiences have come.
At this place, debut from Avex in April 2004 was announced.

10th January
“Visit Japan Campaign Japan China Culture Exchanging Exhibit Live at Shanghai” Commemorative first overseas live at Shanghai, China.
Total 2000 audiences were intoxicated by their music through 2 concerts.
This success proved that Rin’ will be appreciated by foreign audiences.

Appointed as Home Ambassador of Izu City

29th March  Live at “Knitting Factory” in New York
Narada Michael Walden, producing Mariah Carry and other famous artists visited and made a comment. “ Fusion of Japanese instruments and new sound is fresh and marvelous”

31st March  “ 92nd Washington Cherry Blossom Festival” This is a traditional festival started from 1935. Party in this project heard the live at Shanghai and Rin’ performed as only one artist from Japan this year.

Before official debut, Rin’ was selected as CF image character of Cheese Rice Cracker from Bourbon, one of the major confectionary company in Japan. Image song “Sakitama” was on aired heavily through TV and city vision screens and became talk of the town.

1st April
Izu City (merger of Shuzenji cho, Naka Izu cho, Amagi Yugashima cho and Toi cho) was born where “Sai no kami”(recorded in 1st Album “Jikuu”)has been chosen as the theme song.

7th April  “Rin' Debut single ”Sakitama” was released. First song “Sakitama”, second ”Jikuu”(Instrumental)are recorded. PV of “Sakitama” is included in the DVD. At last, whole story of Rin’ appeared. CD、CD+DVD was released.
On the debut date, “Rin' Debut Live Sakitama” was held at Ebisu Garden Hall.
Many audience and press gathered at the venue, due to the expectation prior to the debut. No Player’s ever performed while Japanese fragrance was burnt during the live, these unique stage direction was notable and appeared in TV and newspapers.

14th April  Paid courtesy visit to Izu City

12th May 1st Album ”Jikuu” was released
5 big tie-up songs were recorded in this album. Perfect balance of song and instrumental was created. Album title song “Jikuu” was selected as TV-CM song for “Hair make EARTH” which members had appeared in the CM

3rd June
Appeared as special guest at the press conference for TV animation ”SAMURAI 7” which is an animation version of Kurosawa’s movie “Seven Samurai”. “Fuhen” has been used for the ending theme

24th June  “Rin' Live Tour 2004 Jikuu” started, 5 lives at 4 venues
6/24 Yamaguchi Prefecture Kikukawa-cho Fureai Hall “Avenir”
7/12 Niigata Prefecture Kashiwazaki Industry Cultural Hall
7/14 Tokyo Prefecture Shinagawa Prince Hotel Club eX (twice)
7/22 Shizuoka Prefecture Izu City Shuzenji Hall

26th June Invited to appointment ceremony as Home Ambassador of Izu City
27th June Live performance at a general meeting of stockholders of Avex Company.
Played “Jikuu” and “Sakitama” in front of 5000 audiences at Tokyo Kokusai Forum.

30th June  2nd single “Yachiyo no kaze” is re-cut from the first album “Jikuu” which was on aired as theme song for TV drama “Omiya san” (TV Asahi)
“Release” which was not in the album was coupled.

4th July  Appears as a guest in “Daimei no nai Ongakukai 21” (TV Asahi)
with Kentaro Haneda 22nd September  Appears in radio special program “ Yuuki Rin’ŚRin’”(QR)

26th September  “Kenmin Bunkasai Hiroshima ‘04”(NHK live performance)

29th September  2nd Album “Asuka” release
Live performance at Shinagawa is included in the DVD

5th October  Mana, appointed as MC of TV music program “On Time” (TV Tokyo)

10th October  Appears as a live performance in TV program “Kyoto Bunka
Saiten ’04” Tunnel concert (NHK)

14th October “John Lennon Music Festival 2004 Dream Power John Lennon Super Live” at Nihon Budokan

21st October “Rin’ Concert 2004 HITACHINAKA”

22nd October “Ai no machi Inagi shiminnsai” live

17th November Christmas Album “Rin' Christmas Cover Songs~Holy Night”
and Live DVD “Utage~Rin' First Live Tour 2004 "Jikuu“ release

18th November “Rin' Live 2004“Asuka”” at Shinagawa Prince Hotel Club eX (twice)

23rd Januar Yamaguchi prefecture Kikukawa chousei 50th Anniversary

10th March Receive 19th Japan Gold Disk Award New Artist of the year

30th March Live Album “Utage uta Sakura Sakura” release

2nd April Appears in NHK-BS high vision ”Sakura Daihyakka AtoZ”

20th April 3rd single “Sakura Sakura” release
Used as an ending theme of “Selection X”(TV Asahi)

3rd May Appears in radio special program “ GW mo Yuuki Rin’ŚRin’”(QR)

2nd June Appears in NHK-BS high vision ”BS Fureai Hall”

4th June “CROSSOVER JAPAN'05 “ at National Yoyogi Kyougijo

27th ~30th July LEXUS premium party

10th August Amasia Landscape One Night Urban Resort Vol.3

19th August “Fukui prefecture Harmony Hall Live”

21st August “Ibaraki prefecture Ryugasaki City Live

31st August 4th single “Yume hanabi” release
Used as an ending theme of “Kiseki Taiken Unbelievable” (Fuji TV)

31st August “Flashback” release Rin’ featuring m.c.A・T
Theme song for the movie “Kamen Rider Yuuki and seven senki”

14th September PIA SUPER LIVE GROOVE#14

16th September Aichi World Expo ”EXPO2005 Koryuu Shukakusai” Japan
From traditional to future, Japanese music and dance

28h September  “CROSSOVER JAPAN ‘05” CD & DVD was released

6th October ~ 22nd October Mexico Tour
10/9 Leon “Teatro Manuel Doblado”
10/11 Guanajuato “Teatro Juarez”
10/13 Aguascalientes “Teatro Aguascalientes”

5th January “Sanzen Sekai” image song of “Sho no shihou”
Exhibition held at Tokyo National Museum (sponsored by Asahi Newspaper etc)
Song was distributed through mobile music site “Myumo” as Chaku-uta

10th January Opening ceremony of “ Sho no shihou” at Tokyo National Museum

23rd January MIDEM (France) “Japan Night”
Performed at Majestic Hotel

Rin' Song Collection (Singles & Albums)

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01-12-2011, 06:17 AM
dulu suka sama lagunya yg sennen no niji feat. alan,aransemennya bener2 kerasa jepangnya
sekarang cobain yg lainnya juga deh

Oh ternyata mereka ini group ya,dulu waktu liat live performancenya alan cuma satu orang aja (yg seruling)

01-12-2011, 08:27 AM
dulu suka sama lagunya yg sennen no niji feat. alan,aransemennya bener2 kerasa jepangnya
sekarang cobain yg lainnya juga deh

Oh ternyata mereka ini group ya,dulu waktu liat live performancenya alan cuma satu orang aja (yg seruling)

yup, Rin' itu grup, waktu live concertnya Alan itu featuring aja, jadi cuma sendiri Tomoca Nagasu yg main Shakuhachi (yg berbentuk mirip seruling)

saya sendiri tau Rin' dari Anime Samurai 7 lagunya Fuhen itu berkenang banget soalnya lagunya bener2 enak menurut saya ^^
akhirnya setelah denger lagu lainnya, jadi ketagihan akhirnya download semua dah kwkwkw

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Mohon dibantu untuk upload filenya lagi semua corrupt saat di winrar, hanya Genji Nostalgia yang bisa dibuka

Terima kasih

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yup sama gw jg tau Rin' dari Samurai 7 Fuhen
cari" d youtube trnyata banyak ada threadnya jg trnyata..

tp rata" corrupt smua filenya.. :ogohno:
archivenya di repair jg cma sebagian lagu aja yg ke ekstrak..

thanks dah di share walaupun ga lengkap smua dpt lagunya gara" corrupt :sebel:

20-05-2013, 02:41 PM
hahaha...ada juga yang seneng grup ini ternyata.... banyak lagu (musik) mereka yang ane suka, samurai tamashi yang barengan sama AAA juga keren.... paling seneng sama mana dan tomoca..mereka maen instrumennya keren >.<