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02-04-2013, 11:05 AM
####-- Max Level 150 --######

Welcome to RF Island NVD
Custom Version

Our Specification :

Max 150 Level
Exp Rate x99999
Drop Rate x30
New Master SKill
New Perfect Monster

Maybe you should now first, new perfect monster on RF Island :
- Infected Beast -----[Diamond Calliana Necklace]----- Level 101-110
- Metal Eater -----[Diamond Calliana Necklace]----- Level 111-120
- Obelisk ----- [Diamond Calliana Necklace]----- Level 121-130
- Ice BoggieBolt -----[Diamond Calliana Necklace]----- Level 131-140
- Necro Metal----- [Box Talic]----- Level 141-150

D I M E N S I O N - P I T B O S S
Level 150

1. Potions)))
Sealed Teledun - Sette
Sealed Dagan - Numerus
Sealed Hora Blade Pawn - Armory 213
Sealed Dagon - Solus
Sealed Flame Draco - VC
Sealed Taraven - OutCast Land
------- This ------- Monster ------- Drop -------
Roast Chestnut
Roast Sweet Potato
Hot Chocolato
DNA Capsule
FullMoon Box

2. Gold Capsule)))
Sealed Belphegor - Beast Mountain
Sealed Soul Cinder - Elan
Sealed Hora Baal Hamon - BioLab
Sealed Calliana Queen - Ether
Drop :[GoldCapsule 15000]

------- Others
Flem Drop Elemental Perfect
Devastator Drop MAU Blessing
Naroom Crawler Captain Drop Diamond Calliana Necklace

- Palmas, Didalos, Knightwalker
Taraven = Upper
Calliana Queen = Lower
Soul Cinder = Gloves
Rockjaw = Helmet
Belphegor = Shoess

------- NPC Info

HQ : Horror Weapon, Island Shop, Stock Store, Elemental, Heroes, Booster & Key, Relic Store, PVP Store, Accessory
Elan : Shield Darkray, Trap and Tower 150, Returnees Weapon, Foreign Vendor
Ether : DarkRay Armors, Vendor
Sette : Plus Item, Unique Helmet, StormLight Weapon, and Potion Shop

Website : http://rf-island.net/

Register : http://rf-island.net/file/register.html

Link Download Web : http://rf-island.net/file/download/

Fanspage : http://www.facebook.com/groups/303021563109561/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/IslandRf

yang main dah 400 ++ lho...

05-07-2013, 04:49 PM
oi update nih si thread nya, jgn di diemin doang