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    As I know, Vibosoft iPhone Data Recovery is a good tool for you to recover your lost movies, contacts, text messages, call history, photos, calendars, etc from your iTunes on computer, why not have a try. Just Google it.

    How to Recover Deleted Contacts from iPhone or iTunes Backup
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    Mantap... yang laen udah pada error videonya...
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    Quote Originally Posted by FHieka
    Gak encode "it's okay, that's love" ya ??
    encode juga kok
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    Quote Originally Posted by pandu26
    harus posting dulu min.20 baru bisa liat dalemannya..
    Thanks Gan atas guide nya
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    Ayo siapa mau uang tambahan minimal 3 juta rupiah....

    saya sudah membuktikan sendiri, saya bergabung dan dalam jangka waktu kurang dari 24 jam, angka saya sudah mencapai $ 125...
    dan saat ini sudah mencapai $ 165.

    ayo, buktikan di :
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    yiiihhaaaiiii,,,,,,,pahenya TOP banget nie.
    ijin download ya..... >.<
    semangat uploadnya ....fighting :)
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    Gak encode "it's okay, that's love" ya ??
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    For many iPhone users who have encountered data loss of iPhone or have a strong sense of preventing data loss prefer to backup their iPhone data previously. Among all the data, contacts seem to be a hit. When talking about backup, iTunes backup flashes across our mind. We have no access to the entire data in iTunes backup files, which is the big blemish of iTunes and also cause a little inconvenience to us.
    How can we recover iphone data?iStonsoft iphone data recovry is a good tool.
    How to restore iphone deleted contacts
    How to retrieve iphone videos
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