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  1. [Archive] Pirate Of The Caribbean Trilogy

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    Minimum PC Specification :

    A. PC
    1) CPU: Core2Duo 1.86 GHz
    2) RAM: 512 - 1.5 GB (1 for XP, 2 for Vista)
    3) GPU: ATI HD-2600 / NVIDIA Geforce 8600GT

    1280x720 (720p) Monitor

    Recommended PC Specification :

    A. PC
    1) CPU: Any Core2Duo
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  3. Ludruk Guyonan Kartolo CS.

    Quote Originally Posted by ardeezz View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by DarthVadderX View Post
    wah yo iki cak sing tak golek'i, nek wong jawa timur asli kudu tau ngrungokno kartolo.... wajib dijupuk iki cak...
    monggo cak...
    iki sek kecekik bandwidth-e sik ono sekitar 30 judul..
    iki ngunu legendaris

    lek suwek..wuaa..suwi gak kethuthuk...walah..kepenuk..hiaaa...kepethuk karo cak Tolo rasane kangen..
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  5. Various Artists - Love Songs Actually

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    Genres: Pop, Music
    Released: January 28, 2011
    ℗ 2011 Universal Music TV, a division of Universal Music Operations Ltd

    Tracklist :
    1-01 Love Is All Around
    1-02 Out of Reach (Bridget Jones's Diary Soundtrack Version)
    1-03 When You Say Nothing At All
    1-04 This Year's Love
    1-05 She
    1-06 Songbird
    1-07 Lovin' You
    1-08 Caught In a Moment
    1-09 Everlasting
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