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[share]premium account gratis^^

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teknisnya seperti begini:
(translate sendiri ya tuts nya, moga ngebantu)

How to Steal
Rapidshare & Megaupload Premium Accounts?

Today, our victim will be: They limit free users to
download 1 link per 12 hours, registered users have 3 links per 12 hours, while
premium users have unlimited downloads. But that is going to change!
In order to succeed in stealing an account, you need some requirements,

For Internet Explorer:
•HTTPDebuggerPro v3.6:
•Cookie Editor:
Serial: C83Q-E7BH-4F55-0001

For Firefox:
•Tamper Data:
•AnEC Cookie Editor:

(pakai InternetExplrr)
Let’s Start:
If you’re working in Internet Explorer, you should first install HTTPDebugger
Pro v3.6. Launch HTTPDebuggerPro, then Internet Explorer, and hit
(Be sure that you have a free slot to download, or you must create a free
account there).

Now maximize HTTPDebuggerPro and click “Clear Log” so not to mix up in the
next step:

Then, go back to Internet Explorer and insert a Rapidshare link to download,
while keeping HTTPDebuggerPro open:

After that, return to HTTPDebuggerPro, and Clear the Log again. Now hit
“Transload” in Internet Explorer and wait till the page shows “Please wait while
transfer file.............”. Rapidly, return back to HTTPDebuggerPro and click the
“Pause” button at the top left corner.

You should now see 2 or 3 items in the list. Choose the below item having the
“Full URL” as

Now click the “Request Preview” tab in the table at bottom left corner.
You should see:
filename=(The name of the file you
requested)& files%252F222810661
ACTIVATION.CRACK.rar&email=&partSize=&method=tc&pr oxy=&saveto=%2F
hermes%2Fbosweb%2Fweb125%2Fb1250%2Fd5.vanduongsupe r%2Fpublic_h
tml%2Fclfiles&link=http%253A%252F%252Frapidshare.c om%252Ffiles%252F2
This (the red boldfaced text) is what we want. This is the Rapidshare premium
account info, encoded with Base64!

Now go to:
And insert the text after “auth=” into the RichTextBox on their site, then hit
“Decode”. If it returns “Invalid length for a Base-64 char array.”, then you should
add a “=” at the end of the Base64 encoded string. Keep on adding “=”’s until it
shows you the decoded text (usually 2 equals are enough).

After that, the decoded text will show up as: “rscoolleech05:nohack#05”
Congratulations! You got your Rapidshare account! (usernameassword).

Now let’s go to the Megaupload part!
As above, visit, insert a Megaupload link, clear the
log, and click Transload. Then, after receiving the “Please wait…” message,
pause the capture in HTTPDebuggerPro and select the below item. Copy the
“Request Preview” contents into Notepad. Here is an example of what will show
zip& es%252F18e1a
e631a0bd6cdb6f750b7d8850ca6%252FHttp.Debugger.Pro. v3.5.KeygeneratoriNF.
zip& 252F%253F
d%253D35IOQ0DE&email=&partSize=&method=tc&proxy=&s aveto=%2Fhome
%2Fcyprem%2Fpublic_html%2Frapid%2Ffiles&link=http% 253A%252F%252Fw db6f750b7d8850
zip&auth=&cookie=user%253D b6dd75903e159d56d0c79bbc8f2b16e3

And this time also, this red boldfaced text is what we need. It is a Megaupload
user cookie, which when you setup, as we’re going to talk about in the following
step, allows you to enjoy Megaupload’s Premium services!

Just copy this red boldfaced text into the box to the right at this website:
And press “Decode it”, then copy the decoded text again into the text box to the
right, and re-decode it!
Now you will have a decoded text as:
user= b6dd75903e159d56d0c79bbc8f2b16e3

Now install ProXoft Cookie Editor. Back in Internet Explorer, go to and sign in with any free account,
then EXIT Internet Explorer without signing out! Run the Cookie Editor, and type in the
search bar “”. A list of maybe 4 items will appear.
Double-click the item with “Cookie name” = user to edit it. Change the “Cookie Value” to what
you just stole, and click “Save”. VOILA.
Exit Cookie Editor and run Internet Explorer, then go to, and you’ll see either 3-stars or a crown beside the
name of the user.

selamat mencoba, Enjoy!
(thanks to Cysto untuk tutorialnya)

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