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Hentai stories: not that bad

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We gentlemen blessed with what is called "Japanese Culture" have inevitably stumbled upon Japanese Goodness that is Hentai, roughly translated (or accurately) as "porn". Some old hypocrites flinch at the mere mention of Ecchi, let alone Hentai, and will proceed to shoo us while they help themselves to more Goodness that is porn in the name of "Looking out for things that might ruin our generation"

Nevertheless, Hentai is everywhere, ******* everywhere, or... well, at least Echhi is everywhere. I've stumbled upon many a story (be it in manga, anime, or simply videos) featuring hentai, and while I can't deny they're quite.... ah... "interesting" for gentlemen, I find them to be pretty good, if you strip out the hentai part.

Now, you might think: "Why the hell would you take out hentai from a hentai? That kills the meaning! Gimme back my boner!" The reason being that some of those are actually good stories with hentai pushed in seemingly at the last spur to get more audience, or to have it categorized as "ero material" and have perverts preorder them

Take, for example, "Kana Imouto": an erogame, sure but then again the amount is so small that you'd think "Why the hell is there an eroscene here? Gimme back my story nao!" when you do encounter one.

To be short, "Kana Imouto" is simply "Winter Sonata" (that's right, that Korean Drama) with a little twist known as hentai. The story revolves around a little sister (hence the "imouto" part) that loves her older brother so much she loved him until the very end, literally, since she's struggling against an acute disease or whatever it was (she's in hospital all the time and pretty weak all around), and like any other hentai involving little sisters, incest is bound to happen

To be frank, I'd rather have it without the hentai part because the story is so damn good I literally shed a tear (for the normal ending that is, the one with "until the very end" part). In fact, I'm so annoyed by the scenes I skipped them altogether

So you see, when they tell you to think positively, they mean it: "Analyze the story and ignore the hentai altogether". Some old hypocrites think that hentai is wrong, but really, you could make a popular FTV episode out of one

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  1. phunixid's Avatar
    Kana Imouto ya
    I've never shed a tears

    the best part is
    when she dies after the snow falling
    That's quite a good scene and better than any sad scene I encountered so far
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