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Thread: Shaman King - Shaman King Flowers

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    Default Shaman King - Shaman King Flowers

    Shaman King
    Author : Hiroyuki Takei
    Publisher : Shueisha
    Genre : Action, Adventure, Supernatural fiction, Comedy

    Shaman King (シャーマンキング ,Shāman Kingu?), also known as "Mankin", is a manga and anime series by Hiroyuki Takei. The manga ended prematurely in Japan with 32 volumes in total. The anime concluded its run with a total of 64 episodes.
    Manta Oyamada, a shrimpy, studious middle-school student from Tokyo, attempts a shortcut one night through the graveyard to get home after a late night of cram school. While traveling through it, he encounters Yoh Asakura and his "companions": a graveyard filled with ghosts. Yoh reveals himself to be a shaman, a medium between the worlds of the living and the worlds of the dead. Yoh also demonstrates Shamans' ability to unite with ghosts to achieve a shared goal. Over the first few chapters, Yoh and Manta become best friends while Yoh uses his shamanic abilities to help them out through various normal tasks.
    Kanzenban Version
    A flier handed out at Jump Festa 2008 announced a Kanzenban reprint of the entire series. This came due to the slew of fans wanting a true ending to Shaman King. The Japanese publisher Shueisha has officially announced that Shaman King would return in March 2008 as Shaman King Kang-Zeng-Bang, or Perfect Edition. This release will reprint the entire series in 27 volumes complete with new clear image overlays on the covers while concluding with the never-before-published "true ending." Two volumes of the manga are being released each month with the final volume expected to be released in April 2009. On February 27, 2009, the official website for the Kanzenban Edition of Hiroyuki Takei's Shaman King manga began posting the manga's new finale for free. This chapter is the 287th installment in the series, titled "Good Morning, Mu Continent," and is the first 15-page chapter for the "true" ending of the series, created specifically for the complete edition.
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    Categories: action, adventure, shounen, supernatural
    Author: Takei Hiroyuki
    Artist : Takei Hiroyuki
    Current Chapters: 1 - on hiatus


    The sequel to the Shaman King and Shaman King Kang Zeng Bang series.
    Takes place 10 years after the end of Shaman King Kang Zeng Bang and focuses on the life of Hana in his teenage years.

    Merupakan sekuel dari komik Shaman King yang tokoh utamanya Yoh Asakura. Di sini menceritakan 10 tahun sesudah Shaman Fight, anak dari Yoh dan Anna, Hana Asakura dipersiapkan untuk mengikuti turnamen Shaman Fight berikutnya. Pengarangnya sama dengan Shaman King yang dulu - Hiroyuki Takei.
    Saat ini masih baru ada 1 chapter aja, karena masih dalam masa hiatus iss:


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    upload : by me

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    Title : Shaman King Flowers
    Genre : Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Shounen, Supernatural
    Author : Takei Hiroyuki
    Artist : Takei Hiroyuki
    Released : 2012
    Scanlator : Mankin-Trad


    Takes place 10 years after the end of Shaman King Kang Zeng Bang and focuses on the life of Hana in his teenage years.


    Show ONESHOT
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    Ini thread pertama saya kalo ada yang belum benar mohon dimaafkan
    ps: chapter baru muncul sekali setiap bulan
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    butuh yg KANZENBAN

    gara2 manganya yg tamat ga jelas itu
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    iy ni manga tamadny aneh
    eh ya klo ga slh si pembuatny bklan bikin manga true endingny y???
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    udah tamat??
    mang komiknya tamat di vol 32 yah??
    soalnya g baca di forumnya lom tamat n bakal dilanjutin lag..
    btw g minta keterangan tiap volume itu chapter brapa sampe brapa plz..
    be the fast be the best
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    Quote Originally Posted by wild_fangs View Post
    udah tamat??
    mang komiknya tamat di vol 32 yah??
    soalnya g baca di forumnya lom tamat n bakal dilanjutin lag..
    btw g minta keterangan tiap volume itu chapter brapa sampe brapa plz..
    manga memang udah tamat di tahun 2005 (boleh dibilang dipaksa tamat karena penjualannya yg kurang memuaskan) di volume 32
    karena ceritanya menggantung(bagian paling penting tidak ada) jadi banyak pembaya yg protes jadi dibuat ualng versi Kanzenbang(perfect edition) yg berjumlah 27 volume yg akan menampilkan true ending Volume 27 akan keluar pada bulan ini.

    yg chapter 286 memang tidak ada(KZB 286=ch284 lama) krn tidak sama dg versi KZB contonya diselipkan chapter 265/266 jadi yg 287 tu sebenarnya chapter 285( 287 tu lanjutan dari 284 yg versi lama)

    Show Rincian Chapter per Volume

    Volume 01
    Chapter list:
    001. The Boy Who Dances with Ghosts
    002. The Waiting Samurai
    003. The Unfinished Billboard
    004. Soul Boxing
    005. Samurai Bodyguard
    006. Another Shaman
    007. Shaman vs. Shaman
    008. 100% Integration
    Special Info! Ryu's Companions on His Search for the "Happy Place"!

    Volume 02
    Chapter list:
    009. Shaman King
    010. A Fashionable Shaman
    011. Shaman Life
    012. Kung-Fu Master
    013. Corpse Doll
    014. Run, Manta, Run
    015. Fists of Rage
    016. Invocation
    017. The Way of Pyron's Daodando

    Volume 03
    Chapter list:
    018. Best Place Trekkers
    019. A 600 Year Old Fate
    020. Tokageroh's Assault
    021. Spring Rain
    022. Our Ryu-san
    023. Tokageroh Blues
    024. Merge with Tokageroh
    025. Ryu Repays his Debt
    026. The Star that Signals the Beginning

    Volume 04
    Chapter list:
    027. A New Fight
    028. Silva Style
    029. Over Soul
    030. His Totem Pole
    031. Get A Oracle Bell
    032. Teachings of the Patch
    033. Horo Horo
    034. Kororo's Power
    035. Horo Horo's Dream

    Volume 05
    Chapter list:
    036. Strong Soul, Strong Sword
    037. The Final Strike
    038. Furo and Hoshisora
    039. Master of Bones
    040. Let's Have an Open Stomach Coversation
    041. Natural Bone Killers
    042. Doctor's Desire
    043. Yoh's Story
    044. Innocent Lovers

    Volume 06
    Chapter list:
    045. Faust's Love
    046. That Courage
    047. Goodbye June
    048. A Journey of Two Men to Isumo
    049. The Best Place Debate
    050. Ball Hell
    051. You
    052. Evolution
    053. The Pair's Big Souls

    Volume 07
    Chapter list:
    054. Slogan
    055. Reunion in the Park Cemetery
    056. Carefree Guy
    057. Soul Mata Park Cemetery
    058. Spiritual and Spirit Power
    059. I'm Not Unreasonable
    060. Reason
    061. Before the Opening Ceremony
    062. About Ren

    Volume 08
    Chapter list:
    063. It's Not Impossible
    064. The Opening Ceremony
    065. Firey Night
    066. Evening Song
    067. Wandering Blue Spirit
    068. The Road to the Tao Stronghold
    069. Against Yan
    070. Believe
    071. A Tale of Two Men --Our Killer Moves--
    An additional manga: Kokkuri Angel Cupid

    Volume 09
    Chapter list:
    072. A Tale of Two Men--Our Teamwork
    073. Wrath of the Dao-shi Maiden
    074. Tao Yan: The Immortal Secret
    075. Over Soul: D Do Wng
    076. The End of the Tao
    077. Shamans on the Road
    078. The Future King
    079. Patch Airlines
    080. Sky High

    Volume 10
    Chapter list:
    081. Route 66 Turbo
    082. The Song of Doom — 500-Year-Old Memories
    083. The Destroyer Stands Waiting
    084. Lilirara's Fate
    085. The Flames of Ambition
    086. Dowsing Revolution
    087. Lyserg the Avenger
    088. Memories of Big Ben
    089. Family Resemblance

    Volume 11
    Chapter list:
    090. Bad News From The Stars
    091. When The Gears Are Oiled
    092. Horohoro's Story pt. 1
    093. Horohoro's Story pt. 2
    094. Horohoro's Story pt. 3
    095. 5 VS 5 At Mesa Veldede
    096. The Cut and The Blood
    097. Thanks For The Nice Cut
    098. The Movement of Sadness

    Volume 12
    Chapter list:
    099. Ryu and Tokagero Against Dracula
    100. The Parade of All The Spirits
    101. To Be Tenacious
    102. To Be Really Tenacious
    103. Angels Gun
    104. The Sentence While Smiling
    105. The Wife Drops By
    106. Asakura's Wife
    107. When Billy Pays Back His Debts

    Volume 13
    Chapter list:
    108. One Billion Years of History
    109. Days In The Athletes Village
    110. Forming A New Team
    111. The Destiny of L and F
    112. In Tokyo
    113. Fights
    114. The Black Jaguar
    115. Peyote and The Man
    116. Chocoloves' Christmas

    Volume 14
    Chapter list:
    117. The Old Man's Name Is Orona
    118. The Winds of Laughter
    119. Slowgun 2
    120. Resting Room Used To Be An Inn
    121. Justicer X
    122. But It's Really Unfair
    123. Crime And X(Punishment)
    124. Holy Maiden
    125. The Torture Princess

    Volume 15
    Chapter list:
    126. Go! Team Funbari Onsen!
    127. Pride of the North
    128. Amidamaru Returns
    129. I Will Go Anywhere As Long As It's With You
    130. The Return of Faust
    131. The Devil Wife
    132. Ryu's Performance
    133. Yoh's Ability
    134. Let's Do It Again, Daigokoujin!

    Volume 16
    Chapter list:
    135. The Clash With Ren
    136. Paradise
    137. The Burning Angels
    138. The Thing Justice Needs Most
    139. Iron Maiden Forever
    140. Logic
    141. He Is My...
    142. That's My Brother!!
    143. Grandson

    Volume 17
    Chapter list:
    144. Passing On The Special Rights
    145. Mikihisa Hurricane
    146. Master Arms General
    147. Hitchhiker
    148. Happy BBQ Gathering
    149. Die! Intense Conflict!
    150. Fumon Tonkou
    151. Farewell Forever
    152. The Secret of Furyoku Levels

    Volume 18
    Chapter list:
    153. The Ren From That Day Is No Longer Here
    154. What Things?
    155. My Condition
    156. Sorry
    157. Thank You
    158. Emeth
    159. Tantantanuki no Senjyoujiki
    160. The Mask Is Revived
    161. The Crying Mask

    Volume 19
    Chapter list:
    162. Prologue
    163. Osorezan Revoir I
    164. Osorezan Revoir II
    165. Osorezan Revoir III
    166. Osorezan Revoir IV
    167. Osorezan Revoir V
    168. Osorezan Revoir VI
    069. Osorezan Revoir VII
    170. Osorezan Revoir VIII

    Volume 20
    Chapter list:
    171. Osorezan Revoir IX
    172. Osorezan Revoir X
    173. Osorezan Revoir XI
    174. Osorezan Revoir XII
    175. Osorezan Revoir XIII
    176. Osorezan Revoir XIV
    177. Epilogue
    178. Epilogue 2
    179. Epilogue 2 "Purification"

    Volume 21
    Chapter list:
    180. Epilogue 2 "First Kiss"
    181. Epilogue 3
    182. Epilogue 3 "Fool"
    183. Epilogue 3 "Courage"
    184. Epilogue 3 "King"
    185. Epilogue 3 "Victory"
    186. Epilogue 4
    187. Epilogue 4 "Boy"
    188. Epilogue 4 "Fairy Tale"

    Volume 22
    Chapter list:
    189. Epilogue 5
    190. Epilogue 5 "The Third Power"
    191. Epilogue 5 "Comedy"
    192. Epilogue 5 "Another Round"
    193. Epilogue 5 "Hole"
    194. Epilogue 5 "Komyuso"
    195. Epilogue 5 "The Trial"
    196. Epilogue 5 "Everyone Assembles" pt.1
    197. Epilogue 5 "Everyone Assembles" pt.2

    Volume 23
    Chapter list:
    198. Epilogue 5 "Friendship"
    199. Epilogue 5 "Stop!" pt.1
    200. Epilogue 5 "Stop!" pt.2
    201. Epilogue 5 "Stop!" pt.3
    202. Epilogue 5 "Forbidden Finland"
    203. Epilogue 5 "Indios Power" pt.1
    204. Epilogue 5 "In Indio" pt.2
    205. Epilogue 5 "Pascal Avaf"
    206. Epilogue 5 "The Outcome"

    Volume 24
    Chapter list:
    207. Epilogue 5 "Wind of Humor"
    208. SF
    209. Back To Start
    210. Start From The Very Beginning
    211. Danger! Team Leader Marco
    212. Destroy
    213. DA Angel
    214. Graduation
    215. Man of No Fear

    Volume 25
    Chapter list:
    216. Spirit of Sword!!!
    217. A Killing That Reverses Position
    218. Supercar
    219. Summit
    220. Absolute Victory
    221. Muddy Lotus
    222. Unconventional Buddhas
    223. The Middle Way
    224. Not Self-Conceited

    Volume 26
    Chapter list:
    225. Fudou
    226. A Breath of Freshness
    227. Nipopo Gauntlets
    228. Staging
    229. VS Magical Princess
    230. Mother
    231. Countdown To Extermination
    232. Spatial Strategy X
    233. Brothers' Nose

    Volume 27
    Chapter list:
    234. Meeting in Hell
    235. The Ancestor
    236. This isn't O-Bon
    237. May I Pay My Respects?
    238. To Be Neutral...
    239. A Difficult Trial

    Volume 28
    Chapter list:
    240. Getting Used To Hell
    241. Beautiful Lady
    242. Ave Marco
    243. End of the Dream
    244. Get Serious
    245. The Man I Can't Be Defeated By
    246. Rebirth
    247. Hostility
    248. Not An Angel

    Volume 29
    Chapter list:
    249. Screw The SF
    250. Kurobina
    251. Futaba
    252. Feeling Empathy
    253. That Day
    254. Decisions
    255. Power of Nature
    256. The Great Spirits and Destiny
    257. The Uncertain Outcome

    Volume 30
    Chapter list:
    258. The Abnormal Day
    259. In That Place
    260. Bad Girl
    261. For The First and Last Time
    262. Reiheits Scene
    263. The 2:00 Curse Master...Teruko
    264. Birth of the King
    265. Silva Style 2
    266. Plant

    Volume 31
    Chapter list:
    267. Namari of the Desert
    268. Handling the Desert
    269. Victory with Limited Furyoku
    270. The Falling Rain
    271. The Heavy Gate
    272. The Patch Song
    273. Angel's Miracle
    274. How Pathetic
    275. Calculate the Amount of Furyoku

    Volume 32
    Chapter list:
    276. Announcement of the Current Furyoku
    277. Planetarium
    278. Mic Performance
    279. A Terrible Event
    280. Once Upon a Time Poem
    281. From Now On... Forever...
    282. The Cows
    283. For the Time Being
    284. Good Night
    285. After the Dream
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    waduuh jadi bingung nih
    versi kzb tuh versi baru yg diupdate gbr ama storynya kan
    trus kalo kita udah punya yg lama, apa berarti tinggal ngelanjutin ke ch kzb
    ato ch kzb tuh ngelengkapin ch yg lama?
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    iya sama bingung... inti yang baru gw dapet dari chapter 265 kebawah pake yang biasa.. terus dari 265++ pake yang KZB... bener ato salah ya ?
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    @axlent & Masterman
    perubahanya ga begitu banyak jadi kalau udah punya yg lama tinngal download yang Kanzeban aja yaitu chapter 265-266, 287 - sampai KZB tamat.

    KanZenBang extra:
    * A new cover page, which is a single full color page with a famous quote. Which is followed by…
    * A two page full color spread of an expanded version of the photograph with one or two Shaman King characters drawn into the scenery.
    * 4 pages of Shaman Files, a section with full color images of characters (including unseen characters in the manga) with profiles and summaries. Many characters are drawn in their alternate clothing as well.
    * Starting with Volume 22 of the reprints, Takei added an additional page to the end of the volume. These are titled “Visionz.” On this page is an image of what a character would look like in the future. At this time, we don’t have information describing what year this image from in the Shaman King universe nor if there is any additional information along with this image. Following this image is the reprint of the Funbari No Utra chapters.
    * A section of a poem located on the paper ad wrapper of each volume.

    mau info lebih lanjut bisa ke:
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