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Thread: Towa no Izumi [SP] [2012]

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    Default Towa no Izumi [SP] [2012]

    NHK Drama Special 2012

    Towa no Izumi

    Air Date : June 16th, 2012 // 09.00 PM

    In the spring of 2012 in Kumamoto, the lawyer Yamauchi Akio (Terao Akira) agrees to be the court-appointed attorney for Kuramoto Yoji (Kohinata Fumiyo), a man arrested on suspicion of murdering his wife, Yoshiko (Okunuki Kaoru). She suffered from cancer and was expected to live four months. Begged by Yoshiko who wanted to walk with him around the place that held fond memories while she was still mobile, Kuramoto went in an attempt to fulfill her wish and killed her in Mt Aso. Kuramoto has already confessed to the murder in a police interrogation, but Yamauchi has misgivings about his admission of guilt. He sets off for Aso, the scene of the murder, in order to trace the Kuramotos’ movements on the day of the incident. However, he unwittingly ends up running into his own daughter, Yuri (Suzuki Anne), who is hiking in the hills with her boyfriend, Terabe Toshiyuki (Yamamoto Koji), a struggling manga artist. Ever since Yamauchi’s wife Masae (Tanaka Misako) died 12 years ago, he and Yuri have not got along well with each other. Yuri still blames her father for turning his back and running away as Masae suffered from illness. He was even absent at her death. Sensing their strained relationship, Terabe arranges a trip for them, but far from bridging the gulf between father and daughter, it worsens matters. On the trip, Yamauchi grows increasingly convinced that Kuramoto did not kill his wife. The final case before his retirement should have been a simple one. However, in tracing the life of the Kuramotos to prove Kuramoto’s innocence, Yamauchi is forced to come to terms with a past that he had shut off.

    Show PEMERAN
    (Terao Akira) (Kohinata Fumiyo) (Suzuki Anne) (Yamamoto Koji) (Tanaka Misako) (Okunuki Kaoru)

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    Subtitle English by danburi @D-addicts
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