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Thread: [INDEX] Thread PC Games Online (16-2-2015)

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    Default [INDEX] Thread PC Games Online (16-2-2015)

    Gunakan CTRL+F untuk memudahkan pencarian thread.

    INDEX akan di update tiap 6-12 bulan sekali secara berkala

    Buat yg ingin Threadnya cepat dimasukan Index silakan VM/PM Moderator SF PC Games Online.

    Show req game masukin index diluar auto index
    The Secret World
    Private Server - Conquest Aion

    Web-Based [OFFICIALl] E-Sim Secura MMOG (New Server)

    Ascension PvPGN - iGame DotA

    AION Saga - iGame Community

    Private Server - Soulgamers PvPGN Servers
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    Last Update : 16-2-2015

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    Show Lounge


    Show Event


    Show Discussion


    -=IndowebsteR=- Point Blank Clan
    -=IndowebsteR=- Point Blank Clan [Part 2]
    -Travian- Gamenya orang kantoran
    ..:: iExPertise :.. INDOWEBSTER Forum Guild [Dragon Nest Indo]

    Angel Love Online Gathering Area Jakarta

    Char Other Discussion English / Global Digimon Master Online
    chSEAL Online Generation
    Clan shadow company indowebster

    Diablo III - Really worth to try!
    Dota 2 Hero Guide - Anti-Mage
    Dota 2 [BETA|NO CRACK|1GB LINKS|2.6GB]
    Dragon Nest - Crusader : Skill Build
    Dragon Nest SEA - IndoSmiLe Guild @Westwood server
    Dueling Network Yu-gi-oh!! Online game

    Eden Online Indonesia - New Logo

    GAME DEVELOPER INDONESIA (Arcane Factory) - Project War of Guardians
    Guild Wars 2 Guild : The Watcher [tW]


    Lune Of Eden Indonesia [18+ Game Online] Review

    Pre OBT MicroVolts 21 Mei 2012!

    Roadshow Ancient Kingdoms Arena (AKA) - game online MOBA terbaru

    Star Citizen dari pembuat game Wing Commander


    Vanguard Online - Cardfight Area

    War Game Online 2014
    WCG 2009 has come...!

    YGOPro (Automatic Dueling System) Yu-Gi-Oh! General Discussion [✪✪✪]

    [ Android - iOS ] (TCG) Guardian Cross Square Enix
    [@CASH] Update Integrasi @Cash Refill Penyesuaian @Cash point
    [Android / iOS Based] Elves Realm - Online Strategy Card gaming
    [Android Based] Pocket League Story 2
    [android-ios based] devil maker tokyo
    [android-ios based] valkyrie crusade
    [android-ios based] Valkyrie Crusade pt.II
    [ANDROID/IOS] Duar-Duar : Shooting Game Official thread
    [android/ios] klansy : Strategy war online official thread
    [android]- Valkyrie Crusade Pt.3
    [Clan Pb] .:Indowebster:.Re8orn [Part 2]
    [DotA 2] POPCON Asia Mini Tournament - 6-7 July 2013
    [HELP] Build Skill Wind Walker Dragon Nest
    [NEW FPS] Black Squad
    [Official] Divina Global - Cute Anime Style MMORPG
    [Official] Gerobak Games : Dari Gamers, Untuk Gamers, Oleh Gamers
    [Official] Winner Connect Indonesia [online mobile games]
    [POLLING] Game Laghaim akan hadir kembali di Indonesia
    [Yu-Gi-Oh!] YGOPro (Automatic Dueling System)
    [Yu-Gi-Oh!] YGOPro (Automatic Dueling System) ✪✪

    Show Official Server

    Official Server

    ◄★|☼|★Avalon Lyto Game Thread◄★|☼|★
    -= The Secret World =-
    -=[EVE Online]=- Best largest Sandbox Space MMORPG you can ever imagine...
    .~[:{Indonesian Roleplay}:]~):.[0.3e][NEW][BETA]
    3Kingdom Online Indonesia (WaveGame)
    =~ REALM OF THE TITANS ~= [RoT] - DotA

    Age of Wulin ::Read Page #1 Before Post::
    Age Of Wushu coming soon
    Age of Wushu Indonesia
    Age Of Wushu, Server NA
    AIKA Indonesia : 1000 vs 1000 Massive War MMORPG
    Aion (EU - Free to Play) ::Read Page #1 Before Post::
    AirMech [Steam Non-Steam]
    Allods Gpotato - Game of God
    Ancient Kingdoms Arena
    Angel Love Online
    Atlantica Online Indonesia
    Aura Kingdom (Aeria Games) [Global]

    Battle Territory [Battery] Online a.k.a Arctic Combat [GLOBAL]
    Blacklight Indonesia
    Blade Symphony
    Bounty Hounds Online Indonesia
    Brick Force Online Indonesia

    C9 global
    Cabal online indonesia (official)
    Chagu Chagu Indonesia
    Close beta mercury red 6 juni 2012!!! New fusion fps in indonesia!!
    Continent of the Ninth Online ::Read Page #1 Before Post::
    COSMICBREAK (Anime Girls+Gundam+SRW+Getamped)
    Counter Strike Online - Megaxus

    DarkEden Indonesia
    DC Universe Online
    Defense of The Ancient 2 | Dota2
    Defense of The Ancient 2 | Dota2 [ part 4 ]
    Defense of The Ancient 2 | Dota2 [ part4 ]
    Defense of The Ancient 2 | Dota2 [ part5 ]
    Defense of The Ancient 2 | Dota2 [Part 2]
    Defense of The Ancient 2 | Dota2 [part3]
    Diablo 3 - Reaper of Souls
    Digimon Battle Online [Part 2]
    Divine Souls Indonesia
    Dragon Emperor Online
    Dragon Nest Online | SEA
    Dragon Nest [Indo]
    Dragon Nest [Indo] [Part 2]
    Dragon Nest [Indo] [Part 3]
    Dragon Nest [Indo] [Part 4]
    Dragona global

    EA SPORTS? FIFA Online 2 Indonesia
    Eden Eternal ( Aeria Games )
    Eden Online
    Eden Online Indonesia
    Eligium : First Real Wellmade MMORPG In Indonesia
    Elsword Indonesa Part IV
    Elsword Indonesia
    Elsword Indonesia
    Elsword Indonesia part II
    Elsword Indonesia Part III
    Elsword UK [Gameforge]
    ELSWORD ~ An Action Side Scrolling Fantasy RPG~ [NA Server]
    ESTGames - HeroesGO

    Fever Mix - The Most Moe Anime Music Dancing Game Online
    Final Fantasy XIV: A REALM REBORN [P2P]
    FireFall EU
    Florensia Online Indonesia
    Forsaken World Indonesia (LYTO)

    Garena Mstar
    GDO, Game MMORPG Anak `Unyu` Lebih Menarik Dari Wanita Berdada Besar?
    Giga Slave Indonesia
    Glory Destiny Online Indonesia ( Cute MMORPG )
    Glory Destiny Online [SEA Server] (Game by X-Legend)
    Gokong Online Indonesia
    Granado Espada Indonesia [LYTO]
    Guild Wars 2

    IDGS Public Dota Server ID GRATIS!!
    Idol Street Indonesia - Lytogame
    iGame Ascension PvPGN - BNET DotA Ladder
    INDOMOG Special Promo: AVATAR KEREN UNIK Grand Chase dan Ayodance

    Jade Dynasty Indonesia Online: Kungfu Love Story Online Game
    Jual ID Dota 2

    Kaisar Online
    Karma online - game mmofps bertema world war ii
    Kingdoms Fighter Indonesia
    KLASH Psychic Warfare
    Knight Age Indonesia
    Kungfu Legacy Online

    La Tale
    League of Legends (LoL) | Garena ID (Server Indonesia)
    Legend of 3 Kingdoms Online
    Lime Odyssey - AeriaGames
    Living After War Online (L.A.W) Indonesia
    LOE ( Lune of Eden ) - OBT - Guild IDWS
    Lucent Heart Online
    Lytogame : Luna Plus Indonesia ( Super Imutnya, Super Gampangnya !! )

    Mabinogi : Heroes
    Megatown Roleplay By LRG
    Mercenary Ops Indonesia - Real Third Person Shooter
    Mercenary Ops Indonesia - Real Third Person Shooter [TPS]
    Mirror War Online (Unique Shooting RPG)
    MLB Dugout Heroes [Season 3]
    MMOTPS - Dizzel Reload
    Mobile Suit Gundam Online (msgo) japan
    Modoo Marble Indonesia
    Monster Hunter Frontier ::Read Page #1 Before Post::
    Multi Thef Auto (MTA) - [NEW] Indonesian Life Roleplay [Online][Multiplayer]
    Musuh Abadi Online

    Navy Field 2
    Navyfield - resurrection of the steel fleet
    NEGUBAKU Reborn
    Neverwinter Online (Global)
    New Game ?KLASH? ? 1st CBT Event
    NEW Server Cabang dari IDGS yaitu IDGS KONCO
    New Server Dota PvPGN ( NEGUBAKU )
    New Server Minecraft | MinecraftHG V:1.6
    New Server Negubaku
    NEW[SAMP-STRP]Semesta Roleplay *Indonesia*
    Nurien Mstar Thailand ( online dancing game )


    Phantasy Star Online 2 - SEA
    Playfps elite 2013 thailand
    Pokemon World Online

    Ragnarok Online 2 - Legend of The Second [Lyto, Indonesia] Part I
    Ragnarok Online 2 - Legend of The Second [Lyto, Indonesia] Part II
    Ragnarok Online 2 - Legend of The Second [Lyto, Indonesia] Part III
    Ragnarok Online 2 - Legend of The Second [READ PAGE #1]
    Ragnarok Online 2 - Legend of The Second [SEA] - PART 2 - [READ PAGE #1]
    RaiderZ Online [US Server]
    RAN Online Indonesia Versi Baru Bersama Elly Tran
    RF Breakingdawn
    RF Daviky Full PvP Server
    RF ImmortaL PvP Server
    RF online international(no bug,no glitch, NEW SERVER !!)
    RF Online [Lyto] ( Server Indonesia ) : General Discussion
    Rift Online - Nightmare Tide *New Season*
    Royal Master Online Indonesia

    S4 league free MMORPG
    SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online (SDGO) Server HK.
    SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online (SDGO) Server Indonesia (Megaxus)
    SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online (SDGO) Server SEA ( Cherry Credits )
    SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online Server Indonesia (Megaxus) [Part 2]
    SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online Server Indonesia (Megaxus) [Part 3]
    SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online Server SEA
    SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online Server SEA [Part 2]
    SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online Server SEA [Part 3]
    SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online Server SEA [Part 4]
    SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online Server SEA [Part 5]
    SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online Server SEA [Part 6]
    Seal Eternal Destiny [Server USA]
    SEAL Online Indonesia - Lytogame
    Second Life
    Server dota
    Server Dota Hexagamers PvPGN
    Server dota konco
    Server dotabattle launching
    Sevencore - forces under the reign of yesterday [int server]
    Showtime Indonesia | Game Karaoke Online
    Swordsman Online Indonesia
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    Show Official Server Lanjutan

    Official Server

    Tantra 2 Indonesia
    Tantra 2 Indonesia [VTC Online Indonesia IAHGames]
    TERA Online EU-IP Block for new ID
    The Great Merchant ( XIAN Online )
    The Lord of the Rings Online

    Update Counter Strike Online 10 April 2013

    W.O.T SEA (World Of Tanks) The BEST Tank Warfare MMO Game
    War Of The Immortals Indonesia
    Warframe Official Server Global
    Warrior King Indonesia - Epic 3D MMORPG [WK Online]
    Wizardry Online from Sony Online Entertainment : ~ Dare to accept permadeath?~
    World in Ayodance

    Yulgang 2 (SEA) || Non Targeting | Open World | Faction Based ||

    Zone4 Indonesia : Unique 3D MMO Action-RPG

    [ANDROID] 어디서나 던전/Dungeon Anywhere [RPG][ACTION][Adventure][Anime]
    [BETA] Counter Strike Global Offensive
    [DOTA] New PVPGN Bnet RadioGamers
    [English] Digimon Masters Online ::Read Page #1 Before Post::
    [English] Hunter Blade Online ::Read Page #1 Before Post::
    [hk] elsword
    [HOT DotA Server] AsiaBattle.Net
    [IDWS] Sudden Attack
    [IOS/ANDROID] Divinie Girls [TCG][ENG][JP]
    [MMO-A-RTS] Air Mech F2P
    [MMOTPS] Warframe - Open Beta
    [NEW - SA:MP SERVER] Metro Roleplay International *Indonesia*.
    [NEW SERVER]Indota Gaming Community
    [News] Jelang Closed Beta Mirror War Online
    [New] Server Dota BattleNet Indonesia
    [Official Thread] Chaos Indonesia
    [Official Thread] Clash Of Gods Indonesia - Coming Soon !
    [Official Thread]Clash Of Gods Indonesia - Dunia Para Dewa ! (Hardcore MMORPG)
    [Official Thread]Kingdom Under Fire 2 Indonesia - AMMORTS Game (Rating : AAA)
    [Official] Fantasy Saga Indonesia

    [Official] Ghost Recon Phantoms | Best 3D Tactical Third Person Shooter | Free2Play
    [official] gulong online indonesia
    [official] Mercury Red - The First Fusion FPS in Indonesia
    [Official] Special Force II Indonesia
    [Official] The Great Merchant: Xian Online Eps. 2
    [Official] Time Avengers Online
    [Official]Puzzle Kingdom Indonesia (It's Puzzle Time !)
    [Official]Shadow Company : The New Generation FPS
    [Official]Weapons of Mythology by Qeon Interactive (Choose Ur Relic!)
    [SEA] Dragon Nest (Part.III) ::Read Page #1 Before Post::
    [SEA] Dragon Nest ::Read Page #1 Before Post::
    [SEA] League of Legends (LoL) | GARENA
    [SEA]Heroes of Newerth (HoN)|GARENA
    [SEGA] Phantasy Star Online 2 JP
    [SEGA] Phantasy Star Online 2 JP [Part 2]
    [The Castle Doctrine] Game simulator permadeath mengenai perampokan rumah
    [USA and JP server] Onigiri Online

    |Heva Online Indonesia : Amazing 3D Cute MMORPG|

    ~~city transformer online~~

    Show Alpha Testing

    Alpha Testing

    Show Closed Beta

    Closed Beta

    Show Open Beta

    Open Beta

    Show Private Server

    Private Server

    Ф RF Jabs 2.2.3 FULL PVP Server Ф
    ๑۩۞۩๑ The Legacy of Death][Match Lineage Private Server ๑۩۞۩๑
    ★Welcome to RF Fellas Gaming [Private Server]★
    >> RF WHITE FULL PVP SERVER << | Full Clash, Be The One Rules The Game |
    >>World of Warcraft IndonesianGamer Private Server v.4.3.4<<
    <rf gm ( garuda muda )
    (FRESH SERVER) RF Vendor 223.2 OPEN BETA 24 AGUSTUS 2014
    (Unofficial Thread) RF MVP (Lokal)
    - rf bright shield [bs] pvp server v2 -
    ---= rf angelcry pvp server =---
    -= RF Infinity Hora Expansion =-
    :?: Rf w.a.r.f.a.r.e :?:
    ===RF X-byte semi PVP===

    Aeterna luna plus
    AION Indonesia (Server Lokal)
    AION Online IndoGamers [Semi-Official]
    AION Saga - iGame Community
    AoiRO Reborn 14-05-2012
    Art Ragnarok Online - Private Server
    Ascension PvPGN - iGame DotA
    Ascension PvPGN Server - Working DotA Ladder System

    Battle of Immortal - Cyberszone
    Battle of Immortal Titan Private Server Indonesia
    BattleField 2 Server, Please feel free to come and join US
    Berry dragon nest server 2
    Blade and Soul (Atomix)
    Blade Ragnarok Private Server
    Blix Ragnarok Online - The Most Wanted Customized Server!

    CC 3 TW Online
    Cabal Crimes
    Cabal Republic Online 3D MMORPG Private Server
    COD 4 Modern Warfare 'THERAVENESIA'
    Conquest Aion

    Decade Luna Online Plus
    DOTA Blax Revolution

    EGArena Cabal Redemption
    egIris Online
    Environmental Ragnarok
    Eternal-wow [redemption]

    GarudaGamers Server Bnet DotA
    Generation Seal Online !!
    Geostigma Ragarok New Fresh Server
    GTA SA-MP - WorldsFreeMode (|-WFM-|)
    GTA:SA:MP [Official Thread] Destination Roleplay [0.3z]

    Happy Dragon Nest Private Server Asia(No LAG)
    Heaven Wow 3.3.5a
    Heroes of Newerth - Cyberszone
    HypeRF [Privat Server] ( )

    Indonesia BaliGamers Roleplay And Freeplay!
    InfeZtation WarZ [Local Private Server]MMORPG Zombie Pertama Di Indonesia [F2P]

    Jade Dinasty Legacy Closed Beta Version I


    Laghaim Asgard (german server but with english language)
    Laghaim Vendetta
    Legendary RF | Kangen RF Online ? all CCR GamePlay
    LGN-FW Hillside Server
    LGN-PW, Perfect World Private Server Indonesia ( Ras Baru )
    Lineage Routelink Jogja
    Lineage X-Byte High Five Private Server (Lokal)
    Luz Ragnarok Online

    MaenGame - Rusty Hearts
    MOLTEN WOW ( Private server internationa World of warcraft terbaik )

    New = [ Aion Online ] Indonesia Server "Broken Aion" Version -
    NEW BLANK RF Come and Join US
    New DotA Server DotA Luxury
    New PvPGN Battlenet Server ☆ Indota Gaming Community
    New RO Raisero Private Server Open Beta 30 May 2012
    New RohanPlus !!
    New Seal Generation Private Server
    NEW SERVER DOTA AREVO / Azimuth Revolution
    Nexon Runes Of Magic
    NoScrubs Iris Online (Iris Online v1.20.1)
    Nucleus Gaming (WCIII-DOTA WOW-WOTLK) Ready !!!

    O2jam Live! Open beta test (until unknown)

    PANGYA 4.9 RPG Online
    Pangya black moon private server
    Perfect world "keygamers" Indonesia Server
    Perfect World Blue Dragon
    Perfect World EPS-Guardian
    Perfect World Hybrid
    Perfect World Private Server Arts Games
    Perfect World Revolution
    Point Blank Private Server by U3 [INDONESIA SERVER]
    Private Server Lokal - Gunbound Online Classic
    Private server PKO/TOP Indonesia
    Private Server RF baru (RF CZAR)

    Ran Briggz Ep 7 Gunner
    Ran Chronicle Online - The New Age [OBT Baru Dimulai. Fresh]
    RAN Indo Private - Classic
    Ran Online JS (100% sama)
    Reborn Ragnarok ( We Are Reborn ) Job2nd Trans 99/70
    Redmoon Daydream Online
    Return Of Warrior AsikGame Server (Local)
    RF ( RISING FORCE ) STONE, NEW Private Server Gannnn
    Rf - excited
    RF - Private PVP 2232
    Rf abadi
    Rf amadeues 223.2
    RF Amazon Private server (Baru CloseBeta GAN)
    Rf anuan 2.2.3 (PVP SERVER)
    Rf Aoenia ? The Real Pvp Battle
    RF Aphrodite
    RF Apocalyptica 224 Costume GU
    RF Astro
    RF Astro (2014)
    Rf asyura season 4
    Rf audi full skin[ coming soon]
    RF Been Official (Lokal Server + PVP Server + 8.000x EXP Rate)
    Rf blank
    RF BloodyWar (Masih Fresh Banget)
    RF Brave 2.2.3
    RF Breakingdawn - The Heroes Comeback
    rf breakingdown
    RF Bright Shield [BS] Semi-RPG Server
    RF Broken Angel 2.2.3
    RF Caesar v. Golden Mystery (Open Beta 12-11-2012 @12:00) Cap 66
    RF Citizen
    Rf cooldown private server
    Rf corvus season 2
    RF Crows Crows PvP Mod Version 1.1
    RF Dark Relic Semi PVP OB 7 Maret 2013
    Rf demon new release
    RF Demonic Full PVP Server
    RF Devolution PVP Server
    RF Diamond
    RF dragonz..
    RF Elpida
    RF Elucidator Gaming
    RF EVERMORE - Beyound Your Imagination. Stable Balance Server, Lokal.
    Rf ExecutoR Job 3
    RF EXTREME FULL CRAZY PVP SERVER !!! [Coming Soon Awal Januari 2014]
    RF Faust | The Art of War
    Rf fortune (everytime full pvp server ) server upp hari minggu 27/04/2014
    RF FORWEALL - Rising Force Online Private Server Indonesia
    Rf gigantes full pvp private server
    Rf god of war (open beta 10 desember 2012)
    Rf grest
    Rf grest international
    RF GREST non donation server 100%...
    Rf gunkanjima
    RF HeaveN New 1st Full Custom Edit
    RF Howl Reborn
    RF Images Revision 4
    RF Imperial Full PVP Server
    RF Impero WAR Will Never End (2.2.3)
    RF ISLAND NEVERDIE max lv 150
    RF KASKUS | The Brotherhood of Steel | Low Rate with Minimum Modification
    RF Law PVP Server
    Rf legendary real server rpg !
    Rf Legitimacy GU
    Rf Light
    RF Lytod 2.2.4 ( New Episode ) Indonesia Private Server Cap Level 95
    Rf magenta 2.2.3 full pvp server war never end
    Rf mars semin pvp 2232
    Rf marvelous [rpg system]
    RF Mercy - = The Battle Begin = -
    RF MetalCore
    Rf mirror pvp server
    RF Online Eris 2232 (New Update)
    RF Online US UP tanggal 9 Februari 2014
    RF Online YuyuGaming
    RF Online YuyuGaming
    RF Opticels (Masih Fresh Banget)
    Rf orange privat server
    Rf orchid 223
    Rf oXzorus
    RF Oxzorus PvP
    RF Oxzorus PvP
    RF oXzorus PVP new
    RF oXzorus Real PvP
    Rf private world
    Rf ps baru gan (rf-quartz) local
    RF PS Deception
    RF Resident
    RF RETURN The Real RPG Server
    RF Revo Golden Mystery
    Rf rikudo the legend is coming - come join now
    RF RvG ReaL PvP
    RF Sempak !! Up 28 Oktober 2012 !!
    Rf sgc full pvp server
    Rf shinobi ob september 2012
    RF Skyfall
    RF Starlight Private Server
    RF Stone | Pushing The Limit
    RF Supernova
    RF Tendencies 2232
    Rf triple-x rpg server (no donate equip)
    RF Unholy 2.2.3
    Rf universum private server
    RF VEGAS (private server) FULL PVP Hangat !! UP (23/07/2014) jam 9 malam
    Rf vegas pvp server
    RF Vegas Masih Seger Dan Seru PVP Only !!
    RF Vegas Masih Seger Dan Seru PVP Only !!
    RF VIBE Private Server Indonesia V-
    Rf zodiack full pvp server

    RF-Ace Golden Age New Private Server
    RF-Babel Let The Flame Begin JOB 3rd
    RF-Dark Custom Modified Server
    RF-gamersmania RPG
    RF-Hazard 2.2.3
    Rising Cabal
    Rising Force Hydro / RF Hydro Private Server Indonesia
    Rising Force Private Server Breeze
    Risk Your Life 1 DIGI
    Risk Your Life Part 2 Asik Game (Server Local)
    Rival aion 4.7
    Rohan Dark GamerZ
    Rohan Online Private Server
    Rohan Online Server (offline/online)
    Rohan Private Server 2013 ? 2Rohan (server cina)
    Rose Kansas Evolution Indonesia (Offical Rose Online)

    SAMP Amazing Life RolePlay (RolePlay Server)
    SAMP Indonesia Drifter Community
    Sdgo mobile suit tournament info
    Seal Era -- Private Server SEAL
    Seal FFF (For Friends Forever)
    Seal Online All-Stars Private Server
    Seal online generation
    Seal Online Plus Private Server Angel [ Hunter Client ]
    Seal SFH (Seal For Happiness)
    Seal Snutz
    Seal Story Private Server
    Shadowlight Dragonica
    Sher RF ps RF NewStyLe 2.2.3 Full PvP
    Silkroad Online IIX
    SKYGamers - Dota 1 - GTA SAMP - vBulletin
    Soulgamers PvPGN Servers
    SushiCraft Minecraft Server

    Talisman Of Majapahit
    Tantra Legend
    Tantra Legend of Trimurti
    Tantra Neo-Zoominc "Like a Official Server"
    Tantra Online
    Tantra Zoominc ( private server)
    Tea Ragnarok [NON-DONATION]
    TOURNAMENT DOTA Battlenet-id
    Travian Cyber World Private Server
    Travian LE Reborn [INDO]
    Travian NetmaxGlobal
    Travian Private Server T3.6 Speed 20x
    TravianZ private server indonesia

    UnOfficial GTA SAMP Real Life Roleplay
    UNTURNED (Minecraft + Zombie Apocalypse)

    Welcome To AsiaBattle RAGNAROK
    World of Warcraft : Cataclysm - Cataclysm Server (Global)
    World of Warcraft Indonesia Gamer !!
    World of Warcraft Indonesian Gamer Cataclysm

    X-Ran Online 100% New and Fresh (Teaser)
    XRG Lineage 2 Indonesia 2015
    XSHOT - Event ?Assault Ziling Garden?

    Yang Baru Gan ....RFX-PERIA PVP SERVER
    Yugosh-RO |

    Zero Ragnarok Online Private Server

    [ Private Server ] Lineage GlobalTrack IIX
    [AuraKingdom] RedsKingdom - Private Server
    [Beta] Pokemon Online KG
    [BNET] RevoGamerS
    RF Survivor RPG
    [FW Sky] [Private Server Lokal]
    [Gathering + New Ver] Ran Online Chronicle - The New Age V2.0
    [GTA SA:MP]High Mild Gaming - SATDM Roleplay
    [GTA SAMP] Archipelago Roleplay - Indonesia
    [HOT] Perfect World Twilight Private Server Lokal
    [INFO]New Private Server !!!! Dota LEGENDGAMERS
    [Mid Rate Renewa]-Pico , Together is Fun [NON-Donation]
    [Minecraft Server] Bakacraft Indonesian Server
    [Multi Theft Auto San Andreas]Indolife Roleplay
    [New NCsoft Game] ~ Blade Soul Online ~ (Pengembang Aion Online Lineage II)
    [New Private Server RF] ▒▓█::★★RF Osiris Private Server Local VERSI 2.2.3★★::█▓▒
    [New Server Dota] DotaBattle.Net
    [New Server] IMS Bnet Community
    [NEWEST] RF Imagination Golden Update (FRIENDLY GM)
    [New] RF Blazzer
    [New] RF Borneo 2.2.3
    [New] Travian Private Server Indo [PVP]
    [New]RF Awesome 2.2.3 Private Server Indo
    [New]Rf Deverrouille 2.2.3 Lokal Server [Open 15 juni 2012]
    [New]RF-Private Server Reckless Indonesia
    [OFFICIAL OB 22-januari-2013] ★ RF-WarLord | V2 ★
    [Official Threads] Cingka IRIS (IRIS ONLINE v1.18)
    [Official Thread] RF Felghana " Golden Update "
    [Official Thread]-RF IDOL ( 2.2.3 Custom )
    [Official] Rohan Private Server Tanpa Item Mall/Donasi
    [privat sever] new open beta friendship ro
    [Private Server] Beyond Ragnarok ( Be - RO ) ~ Kill Or Be Killed ~
    [Private Server] Generation Seal Online Private Server
    [Private Server] HypeRF 2.2.4 The Revolution Begins
    [Private Server] RF Guardian Force - Semi PvP v2.2.3.2
    [private server] rf salvator
    [Private Server]Play Dragon Nest(PDN)LV 70Cap,Assasin Job ^_^
    [privat] RF-MAX
    [PS Lounge] ? ۩ INSANE RO ۩ ?
    [PS] Rf Addicted-Promotion Servers
    [PS] RF Snow
    [PvP - Semi RPG] Ragnarok Reborn - FvF/Archon/Chip War/Mining/100+ Custom WEB BASE!
    [RF Online Local] RF yang ga ada matinya.
    [RF Scout]Join The WAR, Visit The Places, Meet Interesting People and KILL them
    [Rohan Online] Indonesia private server
    [Rohan Online] Indonesia private server
    [Rohan Online] Indonesia(Global) private server
    [Rohan Online] Indonesia(Global) private server
    [Rohan Online] Indonesia(Global) private server
    [Rohan Online] Indonesia(Global) private server
    [SERVER IIX BANDUNG] RYL 1 GARUDA - No Lag For International Player
    [SilkRoad Online Private Server]Cingka SilkRoad
    [TRAVIAN] XPERIA - Private Server Indonesia
    [WOTLK][LOCAL] World Of Warcraft Private Server ! COME AND JOIN!

    ~~? RF BREATH 2.2.4 Return of The Lord Master ( The Last War Episode ) ?~~

    ? New RF Private Server Reborn RF Gloria [Official Thread] ? Masuk Gan !!

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    <3D MMORPG> Chrono Tales
    "SENGOKU IXA" Indonesia From Square Enix and Agate Studio
    (Official) Kaboom Online Indonesia
    (Web Based) Kuasai Dunia Bersama eIndonesia di Erepublik a.k.a DUNIA BARU
    4 Desa di Bubble Ninja

    Adventure Quest Worlds
    Attack On Titan (Singeki No Kyojin)

    Barclays Premier League - Fantasy Premier League 2014/2015
    Baru nih, games gratis - Luxy Poker Indonesia - game PC versi Facebook
    Bleach Online has been Enters Open Beta Phase
    Boom 3D Game [Official]
    Bravely Default - Praying Brage by SquareEnix [JP]
    Brazzda - Game DotA Versi Web
    Bubble Ninja Indonesia
    Bubble Ninja Indonesia

    Chaos Age Indonesia [Web Mobile]
    Chaos Of Three Kingdoms Bahasa
    CommandConquer Tiberium Alliances
    Counting days! Crystal Epic is about to be launched on 3rd May 2012!! :)
    Crystal Saga 3D Best Browser MMORPG, Fantasy RPG, Action Game, Adventure Game!
    Crystal Saga Bahasa (Official Thread)

    Dapatkan Extra 25% Chips di Texas Poker Boyaa hanya dengan voucher MOGPlay!
    Dark Warriors -webbased game Gratis
    Divines of the East - 2D Browser MMORPG Mitologi Timur Bergambar Unik
    DivoSaga Indonesia - Battle Of Gods!!!
    Dragon Ball Online [Official Thread]
    Dream Sanguo

    E-Sim | sIndonesia bersatu
    Esgrima 2

    Fairy Tail Online
    Final Fantasy Knight of the Crystal on Facebook
    Firewill - Browser MMOFPS Terbaru
    FOOTBALL IDENTITY - web based footbal games - penggemar PES dan FM pasti suka
    FootStar - Game Dimana Kamu Jadi Pemain Bola, Jago, Terkenal dan Juara.

    Game Manajer Sepakbola online
    game web yang menghasilkan uang (bukti pict++)
    GLORY OF GODS - RPG Browser Game Baru Gratis
    GoalTychoon Launch on 15 Dec 2013
    Godswar Online Indonesia
    Golden Battles - Web Based Strategy Game - released 2013
    Goldentowns - Game strategi membangun kota - Simulasi politik, ekonomi militer

    Harvest Moon bakalan hadir di Indonesia!!
    Helmet Heroes
    hverse ~~❤

    Impress Of Kingdom SEA
    Indonesia Terhapus dari Peta Dunia
    IU xNova Revolution Private Server

    King and Legends [TCG-Strategy]
    KINGS and LEGENDS Web Base Game Open Beta 22-12-2012
    Konoha Ninja

    Lost Realm Bahasa - Best New 3D Browser Game in 2013

    Magic Campus Indonesia
    Mahadewa Game Indonesia
    Mahjong Hime ~ Anime Style Mahjong
    Market GLory - Virtual World seperti ReaL world
    Marvel Avengers Alliance
    MG (Market Glory) game yg ngasih duit beneran buat playernya
    MOJOGAMON social network game , main santai dengan teman2.
    Mouse Hunt (FB Web Based)
    Mythic Saga Indonesia

    New Server: Doflamingo, Berhadiah puluhan Juta Rupiahhhh!!..

    OPKita - One Piece Online Browser Game

    Pirate King - One Piece Free MMORPG WebBrowser Game
    PlanetHunters (Official)
    Play338a [Facebook Games Poker For Fun]
    Private Server TOP/PKOZero Indonesia Server
    Private Server Travian 50x

    Rise of Magic
    Robot Wars Online (Gundam Vs Transformer ?)
    RPG MO - Addicting new 2D MMORPG!
    Runescape (Web-Based MMORPG)

    Samurai Taisen - MMORTS Karya Anak Bangsa - 6 Mei 2013
    Samurai Taisen - Open Beta Start: 6 Mei 2013
    Samurai Taisen [MMOVN +RTS]
    SD Gundam - Joyfun
    Sentou Gakuen [1st MMOVN] [Open Beta]
    Sword Girls Online [Trading Card Game]

    Tamer Saga
    Tendangan Maung - (Flash Game)
    The best fantasy web mmorpg is coming to town!! Crystal epic is finally here!
    The Best Game MMORTS 2014 !
    Top Eleven - Be a Football Manager
    Transformers Universe
    Travian Browser Game - Hosted By
    Travian Indonesia
    Travian Kampoeng-Game Private Server Season 2
    Travian Private Server Season II
    Tremor Games - Play for Free Ori Games!!

    UEFA Champions Fantasy League Season 13/14

    Zynga Cyber Monday Bonus : Bubble Safari, Caf? World, CityVille Mafia Wars
    Zynga Hot Deal Bonus: Farmville PioneerTrail

    [노력] GAME Simulasi INVESTASI, Bisa Dapat UANG BENERAN!! ★★★★★
    [Browser Game] Gladiatus Online host by
    [Facebook] Cloudstone | A truly unique RPG adventure. . .
    [FLASH GAME]Latest Game from Toge Productions : Infectonator 2
    [New Online Riddle Indonesia]
    [NEW] Naruto Online Game!!!
    [NEW]Travian-LE T4 Private Server
    [Official Facebook Games] Kung Fu School-Pre Close Beta!
    [Official Thread] Monkey King Online - Havoc in Heaven
    [Official Thread] Rise of Europe Indonesia - MMORTS Web Based Game
    [OFFICIAL Web Game] Bubble Ninja Indonesia
    [OFFICIALl] E-Sim Secura MMOG (New Server)
    [Official] Alfheim Tales Online Indonesia - Orangegame
    [OFFICIAL] Anime Saint - Saint Fantasy Web Based MMORPG
    [Official] Barclays Premier League - Fantasy Premier League 2013/2014
    [Official] Chibi Warrior Indonesia - Awaken your Heroes!
    [Official] F1 Online : The Game
    [Official] FIFA World Cup Fantasy 2014
    [OFFICIAL] GoalTycoon - The best Football Manager
    [Official] Kingdoms Fighter Indonesia - Total War Begin!!
    [Official] Konoha Legends - Tales of a Gutsy Ninja
    [Official] Naruto Ninja Online Indonesia
    [OFFICIAL] SkyRipper Bahasa
    [OFFICIAL] TOUCH - 3D Casual Musical Dance WebBrowser Game
    [OFFICIAL] YOUR SAGA - RealTime PvP MMORPG paling HOT di Indonesia
    [SHARE]Game mirip Erepublik masih day 1
    [VOOMGA]War Of Thrones : Best 3D Browser MMORPG
    [Web Based Game]Dragon's Call Indonesia(Official Thread)
    [Web-Based] Dynasty War Indonesia

    |Football Saga 2| Game Sepak Bola Karya Anak Bangsa ★★★★★
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    City Of Heroes
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    Clif ro
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    COD MW2 server IDGS
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    Come n Join Us Kingsbattle Server
    conficker kaahh??
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    Cronicle Ragnarok Rate 2k/2k Sistem 3 Ras
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    Cronicle Reborn Ragnarok Max Lv 999/180 Rate Exp 1.000.000 / Job 1.000.000
    Cross Fire
    Cross Fire International [Share ID kamu di sini juga] [BRotherSoft(tempat DL nya)]
    CrossFire Online
    CrossFire Open Beta
    Crystal Epic Online _ Web Game tercepat di Indonesia!
    Crystilia Ragnarok Private Server
    CSO Special Event - Game Center Recruitment
    Culture and chaos loong online [Private server]

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    DareDevil RO
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    DC Universe Online Sony Online entertainment's
    Dead Frontier Online
    Default GuessRO new ps RO max lv 99/70 3rd 100/80 exp 2k/2k
    Dekaron Online IDGS
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    Di jual char perfectworld online indonesia [ lyto ]
    Diablo 2 Kuliketik Private Server Lokal
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    Diablo ii "install disk"
    DIABLO II : L.O.D - Play Multiplayer
    DiaBLo II Expansion : LoD
    DiaBLo II Expansion : LoD
    Dibutuhkan joki Battle Of Immortal Indonesia !!!
    Dicari PW Blue Dragon
    dicari sponsor RF Online
    Digimon Battle Online
    Digimon master online...
    Digimon Masters Online
    Digimon Masters Online SHOP
    Digital Ragnarok PvP Server ( 100% Drop All Item ) PvP Is My Life
    Dijual sony playstation 3 kondisi 80% stik 1
    dinal fantasy XI
    Discuss Stat n Job Luna online Menunggu Open Beta
    Disillusion ragnarok
    Divinia RO (Ragnarok 2)
    Donlot instal-maen DOTA
    Dota - wodota top 10 weekly ~ we are electric ~
    Dota 2 Game yg Bakal Booming Nanti ?
    Dota 2??
    Dota competition
    dota forum (blom ada kan)
    dota gamer indonesia
    Dota Gamers Indonesia (DGI)
    DotA Gamers Indonesia PvPGN (DGI)
    DotA Gamers Indonesia PvPGN (DGI) Presents
    DOta Server Battlenet Indonesia
    Dota2 | Gaben : Welcome, to the International
    Download Game Angry Bird For PC Full Version
    Download Latest Elsword NA
    Download master DotA
    download nfs shift
    Dragon Age Journeys: The Deep Roads Web Based game
    Dragon ball online server taiwan !
    Dragon Ball Online...
    Dragon Nest (NEXON)
    Dragon Oath
    Dragon Oath (2010)
    Dragonball online
    Dragonball Online Indonesia Community
    Dragonic-ro(local RO)
    Dragonica CBT
    Dragonica Online Indonesia
    Dragonica Online internasional
    Dragonica Online [THQice]
    Dragonica private server (bhs inggris)
    Dream of Mirror Online (DOMO) eksis lgi di Indonesia
    Drift city online (dc)
    DRIFT CITY ONLINE, game racing terbaru!!
    Driftcity indo
    Dynasty Warrior Online
    Dynasty Warriors Online @ aeriaGames

    e-Sim - Free MMOG browser game
    EA SPORTS? FIFA Online 2 (server asia)
    ECO Multiple Login
    Edgebee (Sorcery Quest Critter Forge) Web Based Game Keeereeen.....
    eDragon - Browser Based MMORPG (New)
    Elenzhier RO 100% DropRate, No Delay No Cooldown 77.7777x/77.777x [Audible System]
    Elite Silkroad Online [ Private Server Silkroad ]
    Emil Chronicle Online
    Emil Chronicle Online Crypton
    Emil Chronicle Online [Part 2]
    Enemy Nations
    Equilos RO
    eRepublik [web bassed] | tunjukkan nasionalisme di dunia maya
    Error gta san andreas online
    Ether Saga Online . . .
    Event Bonus Cash
    Event DotA DGI !
    Event First Aecus
    Event Latamantis Ressurection
    Event login game : 3 ?hot? items - 15 mar 2011
    Event login web : Free mp5 tiger 10 ? 16 maret ?11
    Event OBT HOTK 22 July 2011
    Event Tournament 12-13 Februari @Muthia-Net
    Exotic RO
    EXPLORION | A Social Scavanger Hunt Experience .. game online dari Pocari Sweat
    Exteel Online : Game MMO Third-Person Shooter kaya Gundam..
    eXternal RO Ragnarok private server

    F.E.A.R COmbat GRATIS w/ License Key! LEGAL!!
    Facebook City ville [Bot]
    Facebook game punch" revolution (kaya game online) new*
    facebook games [ Ghost Trappers ]
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    Fame RO Revolution [RO Private Server from Indonesia]
    Fanatic Ragnarok Private Server
    Fantasy Earth Zero (inter)
    Fantasy tennis (online game)
    Farmville (Facebook Game)
    Feast RO [IIX SERVER alias lokal SERVER...!!] NO Donation..!!
    Fierce Perfect World PS
    Fiesta online
    Fiesta Online Private Server:"Athens Fiesta Online" yg Maen Rame!!!!!!!
    fifa manager 07,08,09,2010
    FIle Ayodance

    files games audi yg hilang
    Final Fantasy IV online
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    Flash Ragnarok Online - Renewal 3rd Job
    Florensia Online Japanese MMORPG [Server US]
    Florensia Western Global
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    Flyff bakal rilis di Indonesia!!!
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    Forum Bolatangkas
    Free Aion server, with his own droplist database.
    FREE FLASH Game online!!!
    Free Fun Online Games
    Free Style - Street BAsketball (Gane Online yahood yang lagi booming)
    Freesky Online
    Freestyle Street Basketball (online) (IDWS)
    FreeStyle Street BasketBall SEASON 2 [Official]
    Fresh and new - rf indische semi-rpg server
    Fresh RO sudah bisa job 4
    Frider new server dota
    Frider Server Dota n GTA san Andreas
    Friend RO (Ragnarok Private Server Terbaru)
    Friendship Ragnarok [Private Server]
    Friendship-RO Renewal server
    Frost ro (private server)
    Futera world footbal online

    Gabung donk di Galaxy Online (IGG)
    Gabung [Tales of Solaris] Game321 - from server 11 Lost Town - nick ; RedALert
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    Galaxy88 permainan judi bola dan taruhan bola online
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    game bgus
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    Game Facebook : Car Town
    Game Facebook : Lucky Train
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    Game Online
    Game Online apa yang bagus ?
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    Game Wushu Ala Facebook
    game yang sama kaya Point Black.
    Game [eRepublik] buat yang suka pemerintahan !
    Games Kadokado
    GamezAion - Aion Private Server [internasional]
    Gan mw nanya tentang Audition di windows7
    Gan travian 5x speed dah di buka !!!
    Garuda[8] Dota 2 Tournament Season I Februari 2014
    Getamped 2 Online - International
    Getamped II Online (JP)
    Getamped-R online ayo masuk!!
    ghost online
    Ghost Online Indonesia
    Ghost Recon Online
    Gila Sepi amat yang main AyoDance di IDWS!!
    Global Agenda
    GO Online
    God Of War 2
    GodRO [Local Private Server] | Job 3rd Class
    GodsWar - Best 3D MMO RPG Browser Game ★★★★★
    GOL Online
    Gold Atlantica Server Rodania
    GOn Glory Hunter I
    Granado Espada AI (work for all versions)
    Granado Espada Indonesia
    Grand Chase Indonesia Online
    Grand Chase Private Server
    Grand Fantasia indo - Winner Interactive
    Grand Fantasia PS lokal .
    Graphic Cabal Online Indonesia
    Gratis Playon V10k untuk pembelian V100k
    Gratisan 1 set razor? peripheral game suite [buruan]
    GSOnline - Online patch for Grief Syndrome
    GT (Ghost Trapper...)
    Gta - Multiplayer / Online [Idgf Crimewars] Lokal !
    GTA RP Jogjagamers
    GTA SA Roleplay [Multiplayer] OPENING!!! From Asia [VPS Lokal]
    GTA SA-MP Tangerang RPDM
    gta Samp
    Gta Samp
    GTA SAMP LebayRoleplay
    GTA SAMP Valhalla Gaming
    GTA San Andreas Multiplayer (Roleplay)
    GTA San Andreas Multiplayer - SAMP JogjaGamers RolePlay
    GTA San Andreas Multiplayer Online by IndoGamers
    Gta san andreas roleplay server jogja gamers
    Guide Website buat para pemain RO(private/resmi)
    Guild Lost Saga INDOWEBSTER
    Gunbound dual login ??
    Gunbound Season 2 | Softnyx | IIX
    Gunbound WC Indonesia
    Gunbound WC ONLINE
    gundam wing (browser facebook apps)
    Gunz IcGamers [ Private Server ]
    Gunz [PS] Lokal

    hack shield pb
    Halo Custom Edition (Portable) (90MB) (Online) [RS]
    harverst moon farm
    Helios RO Mid Rate Server
    Hello Kitty Online
    Help gan bisa bagi LInk Fritz 12 (game Chess)
    Help Share Berbagi BoT game Yang ga suka no protes
    Hero In the SKy
    Heroes of 3K (3D Dota Style)
    heroes of kungfu
    Heroes of Newerth
    Heroes of newerth - borilus - indonesia - gratis [MF]
    Heroes of Newerth - Cyberszone
    Heroes of newerth cz evolution patch
    Heroes of Newerth Indogamers
    Heroes of Newerth: 2.0 update!
    Heroes OF Newetrh IDGS
    Heros Of Newerth Community Server UB Edition
    Hessian Online [MMOTPS] akan segera Launching ke Asia Tenggara tahun ini
    Highker Ragnarok Private Server SERVER IS BACK !!!
    Hold'em Radar NoLimit Texas Holdem Winning Strategy
    HOMM universe uda lounching betaq tapi dinegara mana?
    Hot weapon update - 10 maret 2011
    Hunt spot kamael lineage ii lv 53 berserker dimana????

    ID clubcooee VS ID facebook
    Idgs tournament castle fight 2011
    IdRO bot??
    Ikuti Surveynya, Dapatkan Hadiahnya!
    Imperial Kaisar Ragnarok ( Rate 10.000 / 10.000 { All Skill Job 4 Aktiv} )
    imro indonesia ragnarok private server
    imro indonesia ragnarok private server
    Incredible Ragnarok online Private Server [ Incredible RO ]
    INDOMOG Love Luck 2013 : AIKA Top Up Refill Promo
    Indomog poker tornament 2011
    Indonesian Online game FTP Download link
    Infinity Ragnarok Private Server
    info game online luar
    Info untuk yang mencari koneksi internet
    ingin mendapatkan peralatan gaming ( mouse , keyboard , headshet) keren Secara Grati
    Ixion RO ( Low Rates 7x/7x/5x )

    J>char lineage siehgart es binus dan sekitarnya
    jagoan Gar Getamped masuk
    Jam Legend
    Jasa GB crossfire
    Job Luna Online

    Job Paling Ok di GoKong Online
    Join games online
    Join new dota server sini yuk !Frider Server
    Join New Server BattleNet Baru Gan !!
    Jual Beli Item atau Money Game Aman dan Mudah
    JUAL GOLD atlantica PANGEA dan SIKYON(inter)
    Jual Gold Atlantica Sever Laurasia Dan jual Char nya
    jual gold travian
    Jual GRAND FANTASIA gold
    Jual id point blank -fast response-
    Jual murah ID travian
    Jual program bolatangkas online versi server client dan web
    Judul lagu di Audition ayodance
    Junglero private server ragnarok terseru buka hari ini
    JUnglero private server terbaru
    Just RF
    Just RF 223 Atom Test Server
    Justice Ragnarok ONline

    Kabaar Gembira buat para penggila dota, New Server Bnet DotAners PvPGN !!!
    Kabod Online... ~Adult Only~ MMORPG (International)
    KairiRO (new server!)
    Kaisar RO JOB 3 dan JOB 4 Available..SERVER STABIL......RATE 10K/10K
    Karos online
    Kawan kawan minta client luna PS donk
    keganasan cheater pb
    Kenalan ID kalian di Atlantica Indo donk.
    Kenapa pada suka maen Luna?
    kenapa y koQ PB gk bisa diinstall di win7..??
    Kenapa ya Win7 tak bisa maen texas holdem poker
    King of Kings 3
    Kingdom Under Fire II (KUFII) new MMOARTS in PC
    KIRA RO Private Server
    Kitsu Saga Online
    KK bg yg punya cit and tau cara bug pb !
    KK/cc mintak bantu lokalin Pacth dung...
    kok ZEUS RO gue eror ya
    Komunitas pecinta RF Private IDWS sini merapat !!
    Koq rf gw critical error mulu klo pake skill?
    KotakGame 2nd Anniversary
    Krazy Rain (Global Server)
    Kritika Online | 3D hardstylish action!!! | ComingSoon!!
    Kumpulan Cheat Facebook Empires and Allies
    kumpulan link download game
    Kungfu Pets [Facebook]
    Kungfu world
    KunLun Online International

    L2worlds !! The best hight rates lineage II online games
    L2Worlds - Lineage II Game Client - FREYA [SERVER KERENN!!] - RECOMMENDED
    Laghaim NEW SERVER
    Laghaim Online ( MMOzart )
    Lappie Jadul need HQ online games
    Larc Ro mari kita bangkit kan lagi
    LaTale Online (Server JP)
    League of Legend >> Dota Like Game for free..
    League of Legend..... Mirip DoTa
    LEBAY : Server Dota Baru
    Legacy of a Thousand Suns (Facebook/Web-based)
    Legend Of Edda(Serves US)
    Legend Ragnarok 300x 300x ( Yulgang System + Ragnarok System )
    Legendary Champion
    Let's Play Dragonica..and join Our guild BloodBath
    Lets play GGPO....(street fighter online series)
    Level-up special event : 10 mar- ? 31 dec ?11
    LFS Life For Speed!! Tim Indonesia
    LILO Indonesia
    LiloCity [web base game]
    Lineage2 Private Server Buruan,,,,,,
    Lineage3?? Bukan!! Tera online
    Link Buat Dapetin Koleksi Games Online Gratis (DOTA, RF, ECO, COD, Dll...)
    Link download game online
    link download medieval total war
    Link Registrasi Close Beta X-Shot
    List ID DOTA kalian Server tmpt Maen disini ! [ No Discussion ]
    Little Fighter 2.0a :)
    Loe demen dota?? Masukk sini !!
    lokalin patch just rf
    Loong online private server (open soon)
    Lord of The Rings Online
    Lost Saga Indonesia
    Lost Sector And Total Influence Online (Hanya Mempromosikan Kembali Gan)
    Low Ragnarok Private Server
    LRo - Private Server [Lightning RO]
    Lucent Heart Online [OBT 110623]
    LuckGamers PvPGN Bnet Dota Server *NEW*
    LUNA LYTO BOT ... ^_^ Senior Masuk
    Luna Online
    Luna Online
    Luna Online Canada
    Luna Online Server Borilus

    maestia online (ix)
    Mafia Wars
    MAFIA WARS Game Satus @ Cuba [Without Editing]
    Magic: The Gathering Online via MWS
    Magician Card Online [New]
    MagicianCardOnline [ OPEN BETA ]
    Mahadewa Online Indonesia
    Main Counter Strike 1,6 pake LAN, waktu connect ada dialog box "invalid CD key"
    Main game online indo dari luar negeri
    Main Game Online pake Hamachi Via LAN
    main pb pake modem smart
    Mainkan Game Footballnya, dapetin Tiket WorldCupnya...!
    Make your own Ragnarok Server
    Mari kita maju untuk negeri ini
    Mari main kan bola tangkas anda di dragonbet77 pasti asik dan untung besar
    Market Glory - [repost]
    Market glory indonesia
    Masa closed beta akan berakhir pada tanggal 14 maret ?11
    Masalah guild RF Online
    Master Of Fantasy
    Mau Download Game PC Harry Potter Deathly Hollow Part 2 ? Langsung Cekidot !
    Mau nanya
    mau tanya..rf ps yang masi bisa dimaenin ap aj??
    Max KO Privat server Knight Online
    Maxi - aion online - indonesia - new
    Maximus Raganrok [Private Server]
    Maximus RO ( Low Rate Private Server Ragnarok Renewal )
    maxKO.. the best mmporg game...
    menurut anda games online apa???
    Mercenary Ops
    Metin 2 Singapore (SEA)
    Mic-RO Private Server
    Mic-RO Private Server (Closed Beta 01 Juni 2011)
    MicroVolts Online Indonesia (MMOTPS) dari CGIgames
    MileRO [Private Server]
    Ming Dynasty
    mini game,web based
    Minimize PB tgl 7 Juli no Repot (No Tipu)
    Minta IP server cs 1.6 online donk ...
    minta link most wanted donk..
    Mmorpg action????
    MMOTunnel - Mainkan game internasional dengan koneksi lokal
    Mobius | war2 : World war ii strategy web-game
    Mod getamped-r
    Modern Warfare 2 Online IS BACK! :]
    Moe~RO - Ragnarok Private Server [ Moe Rocks Your World ]
    Moe~RO private Server
    Mohon Panduan Buat Private server
    Monster Digital Ragnarok ( Private Server ) PvP Mode 100%drop
    monster farm lagoon
    Monster FlyFF Private Server
    Monster Hunter Frontier
    Monster Hunter Frontier
    monster hunter frontier online korea GRATIIISSSS
    MOROn Hirate server
    Moto GP 3 URT Mod 2008 (Online)
    MULANDER | Season 5 | Exp 2500 | Drops 80% | Join now !!!
    Murah file server 2.2.3 rf
    My Beta Test Poker Php Online
    MystRo [Ro Tanpa Job2-Trans dan job 3]
    Myth Angels Online

    N>Donatur Untuk Pembuatan Seal Jakarta :)
    National Grand Final WCG 2009
    Ne ada game seru loh, rame anak indonya.. cekidot!!
    Nectar Ragnarok 4th Job Private Server
    Need For Speed World 2010 OPEN BETA-ELiTE
    Need For Speed World Online
    Need for Speed? World BETA
    Need Help
    need help !!!
    Neverland (webBassed) RPG
    Neverland Online
    New bnet server DOTA
    New cabal private server indonesia !!
    New dota bnet server
    New Dragonica Private Server
    New Dragonica Private Server (Lavalon DR Dragonica Evolution)
    New feature mafia war properties
    New open beta 8 april rf-sphinx
    New Prifat server...RF Metallic Besok sore UP silakan join dan pasti'a seru...
    New Private Serve RF-CrazyGames
    NEW Private Server RF G-Alliance
    NEW Private server RO !!! - Leon Ragnarok Online-
    New Privet Server RF-Gaul Server Indo
    New PS RF CapCus-Xtreme!!
    New PvPGN Server
    New pvpgn server " dota indonesia "
    New racing games (fast black)
    New rf terbaru di bulan july: Rf jablay 2.2.4
    New RF XEON Paling Baru Di Bulan September 100% Perfect Deh 2.2.4 [Server Lokal]
    New RF-Celestial-Inferno (Lokal)
    New RO 2 Private Server [Test Beta Hari Ini]
    NEW Seal Generation Private Server
    NEW Seal Generation Private Server
    New server !
    New Server Bnet Dota Indonesia
    New server counterstrike republikgame

    New server dijamin kagak bosan disana new loh IDGM
    New server dota
    New Server Dota "Dota Gamers Indonesia (DGI)"
    New Server Dota AngeL-GaminG
    New server dota baru ayok gan no leaver no mhers :d
    New server dota barublaxe gamer ayok gan no leaver no mhers :d
    New server dota barublaxe gamer ayok gan no leaver no mhers :d
    New Server DotA BNET
    New server dota mm ayok gan :d
    new server dota mgi
    New server dota pro no leaver no mh ayok :d ^^
    New Server Dota PvPGN "Dota Gamers Indonesia (DGI)"
    New Server Dota! > MDO
    New Server IGC + Panduan
    New server juni 2012
    New Server Phoenix Valley
    New Server Rf Greenholic
    New WarCraft III Server 'Lifenix'
    New Yugioh Online
    New Zombie Rpg Survival Online Games 2010 (Pc Original)
    NewBorn Ragnarok Private Server ~ Feel How TO reborn in another world
    Nexia versi Indonesia(server lokal)....buat yang mau nostalgia
    Next Patch Update
    Next ro
    Night Ragnarok Online ! di coba pasti maen terus
    nightclub city
    Nih Buat Penggermar o2 Jam
    Nindou Online ( WaveGame )
    Ninja Saga Facebook
    Ninja Saga Infinite HP and CP Cheats
    NINJAKITA - Naruto VS Bleach WebGame Anime [Server Indo]
    NinjaWaz [web based game]
    NO LIMIT RO Fresh n New
    Nostalgia... TANTRA PS Indo... ayo ayo ayo rame lo ^^ game jadul seru...
    Nuclear Dawn
    Nucleus Flyff Online [Private Server Lokal]
    Numpang promosi server dota baru
    numpang share RF Aragon Private Server Lokal [Golden Army]
    Numpang tanya tentang game MMORPG
    Nusantara Online
    Nusantara Online: Game MMOPRG Buatan Indonesia
    Nyit-nyit reg
    Nymia Online [Indo Punya, 2D Mmorpg Seperti Nexia, Baru Buka]

    O2Jam Indogamers Opening
    O2RPG (O2jam indonesia!!)
    Official - Ace Online VIP Test Server Indo
    Official first-look video dynasty war
    Official Kingdom Heroes (Internasional)
    Official Launch Game Realm of the Titans 6 Juni 2012!
    Official War of the Immortal From PerfectWorld
    OnAir Online
    Online game terburuk abad ini !
    online horror
    OnslaughtRO Private Server Dota Battle Net Server
    Operation 7 (2009/ENG) (RS)
    Operator yang cocok buat ngegame online!!!
    Orange Ragnarok - PVP Server .

    Panduan quest : Quill book di grand fantasia
    Pangya Lokal SEASON 4
    Pangya online to offline (season 1)
    Para Online Gamer, mohon bantuan utk kuesioner saya yah ^^ (Jakarta Only)
    Patch Update RF INDO online ( GOLDEN MYSTERI)
    Patcher gagal Koneksi
    PawnRO [Local Private Server]
    PB kok crash di Windows 7
    PB launcher, setelah muncul hackshield tiba2 ilang ga bisa muncul game PB nya
    PB melakukan plagiat!!! sharing karena peduli
    Pegasus Ragnarok Private Server
    Pegasus RO
    pemain RF bandung masuk
    Pembuatan Club AyoDance (-__IndowebsteR__-)
    Pendaftran -Indowebster- (Club AyoDance)
    Pengemuman event ayodance s3condsz
    perbedaan game PB online dari tahun 2009 - 2010
    perfect world dynasty(pw dynasty)
    Perfect World Indonesia Update 14 september 2010
    Perfect World Internasional
    Perfect World Patch
    Perfect World: Rasta
    PES6 Online
    Pet Forest Online [Web Based][MMORPG]
    Pet Society (WEB BASED)
    Phantasy Star Online 2
    Phe Ragnarok Online ( IIX - LR )
    Phindo Ran Online
    Pifeng Manteau (Perfect World Indonesia)
    Pirate legacy on facebook
    PKO/TOP Private Server
    play marketglory strategy game online
    Play Stronghold Crusader Online
    Playfps elite 2013 thailand
    Point blank
    Point Blank - Reloaded (2010/PCG/ENG) [MF] [MU]
    Point Blank : Clan [OP] *~OPERATOR~*
    Point Blank : DarkSoldier Clan
    POINT BLANK EVENT 15 Agustus 2010
    point blank inventory ilang semua!!!!!
    Poison RO! kk2 Join donk ramein ^^
    Pokemon indigo
    Pokemon Online
    Pokemon online indo punya ! [new]
    Pokemon online server lokal(need beta tester)
    Poker Bonus 20%
    Poker Mahjong : Gabungan 2 Game dari 2 Dunia Berbeda |
    Polling: mau ga kartu YNK dijual di indo (untuk seal inter dan game YNK inter lainnya
    Post Screnshot (SS) kalian yang terbaik/terkenang/nostalgia slama bermain Online Game
    Premier e-sports league
    Present's NibiruRO Season III [ Private Server ]
    Press conference ace online
    Preview Game DivoSaga Indonesia
    Prius Online (gPotato) Global Server
    Privat server rf survivor
    private server "blackout RO"
    Private Server Baru launch tanggal 19 september
    Private Server ECO
    Private server iris lokal !
    Private Server Iris Online by Opengamers
    Private Server Perfect World Divine +promosi
    Private Server Perfect World PVP
    Private Server Ragnarok [ Flarine RO ]
    private server RO
    Private server RO indo yang stabil dan no bot yang mana ya
    Private Server RYL Part 1 Lokal (RYL DIGI)
    Private Server SacredRo 100% Balance
    Private Server SEAL ONLINE - Y8
    private server Tantra Kathana 5 (pertama di Indonesia)
    Private Server [FreyRO]
    Private Server | PANGYA Black Moon
    Promo Server Baru nih kk ^^
    Provider Online Games Indonesia
    PS L2 lokal nihh ^^
    PS l2 lokal yg masih aktif
    PS O2Jam Indo !
    PS RO Soldier Ragnarok "Baru"
    PS RO Xilero-Palsu-FFO
    Pusat Cheat Popular Game Facebook
    Putra Langit Online | Komik (Manhua) based 3D MMORPG
    PW Blood Dragon
    PW SAGA new perfect world private server

    Quantum Ragnarok Online

    Ragnarok Chaostic ( No Hunt , No Farming ) PVP,Skill MODE ON.!! Saatnya Balas Dendam
    Ragnarok Chaostic PvP Server ( No Hunt , No Farming )
    Ragnarok Offline
    Ragnarok Online (RO)
    Ragnarok Online 2 PS
    Ragnarok Online Indonesia
    Ragnarok Online Indonesia
    Ragnarok Online Indonesia (Oficial)
    Ragnarok Private Server PVP ( Stroom )
    Rakion Online by Softnyx :D
    Ran Brother Private (RAN BRP)
    Ran chronicle goes better!!^_^
    RAN offline alsyundawy...
    Ran Online Chronicle
    Rappelz Indonesia Commercial
    RayCitySEA Online [Racing Simulation]
    Rayncraft Indonesia
    Rayncraft | Minecraft Indonesia Server
    Re Opening Rise Ro
    Re-opening RF Lebay 2.2.4 ver client 1.0.0 - Return of The Lord Master 1 Sept 2011
    Re-Opening: Logical RO, a Local Private Server with Many Interesting Things
    RealCraft - A Minecraft Server (non premi boleh masuk)
    Realm of the Titans ~ Another Hero Action Real Time Strategy (HARTS)
    Rebellion Ragnarok
    RebirthRO The Biggest RO PS
    RED CLIFF Onlien
    Red stone online
    Redmoon online ( private server )
    Redmoon online (drop blue item n sunset) no payment!! Free
    Redmoon online private server
    Redmoon Online Private Server
    register ayodance
    Remnant Knights (Internasional)
    REP UP 1

    REP UP 2
    REP UP 3
    REP UP 3.3
    REP UP 4
    REP UP 5
    Reporting PB Clan -=Indowebster=- Clan Wars
    REPUBLIKGAME Server DOTA UP kembali
    Req : Guitar hero 3 for PC
    Req Game OL yg mirip kya rohan n game ol yg lvlingnya bsa of?
    Request client aion private server dunk
    Request client RF-POA 2.2.3 private server dunkz
    Request Game
    Request Lagu anime o2jam ??
    request Live for Speed
    Request Seal Offline job 2
    Request Server Ruins of war (aka RYL 4)
    Request+Tanya client ELSWORD NA link lokal
    Return Of Warrior -WORLD WIDE
    RF aLLiance 223.2 New Opening !
    RF AMAZONE : Revenge of The Fallen 2.2.3
    Rf arthuria private server lokal (2.2.3)
    Rf Astray Lokal Server
    RF Asylum 2.2.3
    RF BIG online. lokal private server
    RF Bizantium 2.2.3 Lokal Private Server
    RF BizanTium IIX|no donation|highrate
    RF Bloodbath Private Server Patch 80
    RF Commanders 2.2.3 [PS]
    RF Demon 2.2.3 | LokaL | Highrate |
    RF Devena
    RF eden
    RF Eden 2.2.4
    RF eGames
    RF eGames [2.2.3]
    RF epiru 2.2.3 New CLOSE BETA ( LOKAL)
    RF EQUILIBRIUM [TOP 10 private server]
    RF EVORIUM Private Server
    RF Extantion Full PVP Server
    Rf felghana (rf private server lokal dgn gameguard (no cheat) )
    RF Funtastico RPG Server Private
    RF gw DC mlulu .... help please
    Rf impact
    Rf Imperialis
    RF inter dari games campus
    RF Juice / Aspire [Privat Server]
    RF Kaskus
    RF Lytod Episode 2.2.4 ( Indonesian Private Server )
    RF Madness [Private Server Indo]
    Rf matrix the best private server
    RF NeveLostos RPG System
    RF Olympic - Official Thread
    RF online CYGNUS (Discus)
    Rf online predator / rf online predator reborn
    RF Online War of Novus SEMI RPG
    rf private
    RF Private Server Indo yang bagus
    RF private server LOCAL !!! RF Lebay
    RF Private Server Luar
    RF Private Server [Cepot-RF]
    Rf Ps no lagg
    Rf reborn grand update
    RF Reborn [Lokal] with Game CP
    Rf sky full episode
    Rf sky full episode
    RF Starlight
    RF StormKnight Online (Lokal Only)
    RF Sukhoi Super Jetz 223.2
    RF SUPERIOR (PS Local)
    RF SUPERIOR Highrate|Fun server
    Rf titanium private server
    RF Tomato
    RF VALENTINE (private server)
    RF Warlords
    RF-Colossal PS Lokal Baru bgt....!!!
    RFRedMoon Crazy PVP
    Rise Ragnarok Online... Private server Ragnarok...
    Rise RO
    Rise RO Open
    RIX (RanIndoXtreme) [ NEW Ran Online Private 2010 ]
    RO Bizantium | HighRate
    ROCK LEGENDS Facebook
    RockZRO - Rock Your World !! Open Beta Release 4 January 2011
    Rohan Dan Win 7
    Rohan ga bisa masuk
    Rohan indo
    Rohan online
    Rohan Private Server
    ROM - Runes of Magic Indonesia
    ROSE Online
    Rose Online Private Server Indonesia (Guard Rose)
    ROW (Return Of Warrior) IDGS (RYL3)(lokal)
    Royal Aion Online (Private Server International)
    Rpg dota
    RPG MapleStory Private Server INDO!
    Rumor Dota Allstars v6.60 release???
    Runes Of Magic - Coming To Indonesia!!!
    RYL (Risk Your Life) Digi
    RYL 1 - Private Server Indonesia
    RYL 1 Insomnia
    RYL Torment.....!!!
    ryl yang masih aktif ?
    RYL2 Guild Wars

    S>>char RF
    S4 League Indonesia - Official by LYTO
    S4 League Indonesia [Masih Coming Soon]
    Sacred 2 Fallen Angel (PC Game)
    Sacred RO(NEW SERVER RO OPEN APRIL 10 2011
    sagitarius ro private server mash baru
    Sam Kok Alliansi SheNeverCome( Come and Join)
    Sam Kok Web Event : Play Sam Kok, Win iPad !
    Sam Kok web game hadir di Indonesia
    Sam Koq Web base game
    Samurai of Legend - Browser Based Game
    SanAndreas Multiplayer !! Cops N Robers
    Script bolatangkas gratis
    SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online!!!
    Seal ada Private Server?
    Seal Game
    Seal Lyto makin parah..
    seal offline
    Seal Online All-Stars Private Server
    SEAL Online Emulator(SEAL Offline)
    Seal Online Private Entertainment Seal
    Seal Online Private Server MR SEAL
    Seal Online Private Server MrSEAL
    Seal Online Private Server Strong Dragon
    Seal Private server (SEAL PLUS)
    sebutin game2 agan yg ada di kompi nya ya.
    sekedar lucu2an di dota gan~
    Serbuan Indowebser menaikkan peringkat indonesia ke urutan 3 eworld
    Server Americas Army 3
    Server Ascension Pvpgn (Dota)
    Server Bnet Baru
    Server Counter strike Indonesia Lebay
    Server CS 1.6 [Update Oktober 2010]
    Server Dota ( Cronicle Bnet Indonesia [CBI] )
    Server Dota Baru
    Server dota baru
    Server dota baru - garudagamers
    Server DOTA baru dan ASYIK
    Server Dota Baru indonesia [free]
    Server DoTa Baru StudioGamerZ !!!!
    Server dota baru ~~~
    Server DotA DGI !
    Server DotA DGI !
    Server dota hxgs (hexagamers)
    Server Dota Lebay Universal
    Server dota paling baru
    Server dota pvpgn monzter
    Server PVPGN Cyberindo DotA
    Server rf indo yang makmur :d
    Server Royal Community
    Server terbaru 2012 Juni Masih FRESHHH
    Server terbaru hamachi need for speed underground 2 indonesia
    Shaiya Online Games
    Shaiya Rhapsody [Shaiya Online Private Server Lokal]
    share stat build job RO manapun Disini TEMPATNYA !!! :D
    Shaun The Sheep - Games Online
    Shin Megami Tensei:Imagine
    Shogun kingdom(role playing) game browser cukup 15 min sehari gan!!!!!
    Silkroad Online SSGames (Private Server)
    SkyZone Emil Chronicle Online (SkyZone ECO)
    SNACK Ragnarok Private Server | 3rd Class Server indo
    Snow Ragnarok Private Server IIX Lokal
    Snow ro iix ps ro 250/90
    solusi luna di win 7 (working for me)!
    Soul Master
    Soul of the Ultimate Nation (S.U.N) Online
    Soul of the Ultimate Nation [SUN Global]
    Special event with spin at 7-eleven
    speedy game competition (Surabaya)
    Spesial top-up maret : Glitter kriss sv 2 bulan
    Star Trek Online
    Starcraft 2 Starter Edition
    STARQUEST ONLINE - Game Luar angkasa Ala Star Trek
    SteamOps TPS Online - Indonesia
    SteelSeries 10th Annyvesary Bagi" Gaming Equipment buat kalian!
    Steral RO
    Strong dragon seal
    Summer Festival
    Super Hero Ragnarok ( Anime PvP Collection )
    Super Hero Ragnarok ( Anime PvP Collection )

    T-ara Akan Hadir Di Freestyle Indonesia
    T-bot online indonesia
    Tactical Intervention (Counter Strike versi Baru)
    Tales of Caribbean
    Tan Ro Private Server
    Tantangan buat kamu Gamers! Football Saga 2 CBT
    Tantra zoominc
    Tantra zoominc [private server]
    tanya game online
    Tanya langkah instalasi patch 1.4 pes 2009
    Tanya PB
    Tanya Server CS 1.6
    tanya" ttg Cs
    Team Fortress 2 [Steam]
    Telah di buka server dota baru!!! Join ghostworld sekarang juga!!!
    Telah hadir game online baru Xshot online
    Tempat download Pump It Up ( PIU ) NX dmn ya ?
    Tentang TheNinja-rpg/Naruto Online
    Ternyata berguna untuk semua
    Ternyata berguna untuk semua
    test 3
    Texas Hold'em Poker bot(buat ngliat kartu lawan gan)
    Texas Hold'em Poker ninjabot(work) tested, last tested at 10 aprl 2010
    TGX (Tengoku X) RO
    The Best Game MMORTS 2014
    The Hacker Project be a real hacker~
    THE HUNTER (online)
    The Nethernet [Web-Game]
    The new community ro private server !
    The raid ii dibuat game 8 bit
    The sims 3
    The Warlords
    The_Matrix @ TVI Express
    Threaded Mode | Linear Mode Perfect Hack : Ice Modz 6067 RC2 Audition Ayodance
    three kingdom online (TKO)
    Three Kingdoms: Dragon Rising Online
    tibor tale of kind vampire free download...
    Tips Menambah gold di Ninja saga [game Fb]
    Titansluna International Private Server
    Tod RO [Private Server]
    tolong dong game PCSX2
    tolong dong gan,mau tanya seputar PB..need it so much
    TOPUP Mi-Cash with UniPin
    Toribash - Violence Perfected
    Total Hadiah 2juta rupiah
    Total influence online
    Transformer (Web based game)
    Transformers.2.Revenge.Of.The.Fallen Repack-2.32 GB
    TRAVIAN 4, Dengan Grafic dan Feature yang makin canggih!!
    Travian Manager Bot 1.9.5 [IDWS + MF]
    Travian server 3x
    Trickster Online
    Triks Player Vietnam mendapatkan 400k gold dihari pertama OB SamKok Web Game Online
    TrinityRan Ep6 s2 Ran Online malaysia server
    ttg server ro happy
    tulongin gue (newbie)
    Twelve Sky 2
    Twelve Sky [AERIA]
    Twice Ragnarok Private Server
    Twin Ragnarok PS IIX

    udah ada yang main RO2???
    Uncharted Waters Online
    United Ragnarok Private Server
    United Ragnarok Private Server[Kingdom System]
    Universal Century Gundam Online
    Universal Yabel
    Untuk O2Jammer (O2Jam Latino Ada Lagi !!!!)
    untuk para juragan yg baek2 minta cheat2 game yg ada di facebook donk

    VadineRo | Privatet Server Indonesia
    Vibe-RO [Private Server Ragnarok Online]
    Vindictus BRUTAL PHSYIC MMORPG (New Type of MMORPG)
    virus new folder
    Viwawa Communiity
    Voucher game Zynga
    Voucher UniPin utk topup FASTBLACK ,GoKong SamKok,MIU sdh bisa di beli di Indomaret
    VPOPULUS [Web Based Se genre Erepublik]

    Waktu Bermain WoW:Catalsym Mengalami Peningkatan
    wallpaper / Logo Point Blank (PB), kereeen
    WAR 2 : War is coming
    Warior Legend ( pecinta ROTK pasti demen )
    Warriors of The 3 Kingdoms
    WarRock Indonesia Lounge
    Webgame Ranking/Review/List
    Where?s Waldo The Fantastic Journey [Full ISO - ADDICTION]
    Why My Account Banned Before Have Big WIN on The Zynga Bot Pro
    WILD generation of Gunbound (FACEBOOK)
    Window Mode Di Pb
    WIZARD101 online
    WizRO LowRate Server Indonesia
    Wolf Team Online
    WolfRO - Job 3 Ready, Custom Hometown (Soul), Local Server
    WolfTeam Indonesia |Softnyx| Sci-Fi MMOFPS
    WONDERKING online
    WonderKing Online
    World of Tanks Online
    World of Warcraft: Cataclysm (2010/ENG/Alpha/HF/RS/Other link)
    World of Warcraft: Cataclysm (2010/Enterupload)
    WoW And Runescape Level Changer
    WOW WOLTK gak bisa login
    Wrath RO 150 / 80 New Server
    wrong post

    X- Shot OPEN BETA 1 JULY!!!
    X- Shot Team Goes to Warnet!!!
    x-byte ran
    X-Infinity RO
    X-SHOT indonesia oleh PT.Winner Interactive
    Xen Online Indonesia [ Prepare For OBT ]
    XSHOT Official
    Xtream Cabal Online

    Yang bisa kasih cheat monster galaxy gw kasih 300K...!!!
    yang dah bosen main erepublik masuk.!!!
    yang maen TEXAS HOLDEM POKER masuk sini
    yang punya link game left 4 dead (1) full.. tolong
    Yaris Show Off Games Online
    Yg doyan dota masuk !!
    yg maen PKO di IDWS masuk sini aja.......!!!!
    your all time faves games.....
    Yu-gi-oh online(yvd only)
    Yu-Gi-Oh! Online - Duel Accelerator
    YU-GI-OH! online 2 duel evolution
    Yugi-Oh Online(KCVDS only)
    Yugi-Oh Online(KCVDS only) [Part 2]
    YUGIOH via WEB (very recomended)

    ZegenRO Private Server, Job 3 PLAYABLE
    Zero Online [International]
    ZeroOnline (internasional)
    Zhu Xian / Jade Dynasty |Maxi Server||IIX||PS|
    Zodiac International
    Zodiac Online
    Zone 4 Online
    Zynga Changing the World Through the Games
    Zynga Poker Bot - Z Bot Alpha V.23.5
    Zynga Poker Bot Dragon V.15.2
    Zynga Poker Browser Anti Banned DOH Ver Update 15 Jan 2011
    Zynga Poker Freeze Hack 1 $
    Zynga Texas Hold Em Poker Bot [Facebook]

    [ Event ] Latamantis Resurrection Extended to 3 Juli 2012
    [ Event ] TOPUP Mi-Cash with UniPin
    [ Garena ] Heroes Of Newerth *updated to lastest patch Free 4 play
    [ Grandfantasia ] guild khusus anak indo di GF.
    [ Lounge ] MAXA Ragnarok Private Server .
    [ NEWS ] Bonus Pengisian ZEN Sebesar 10%
    [ Official ] Crazy Kart 2 Online Indonesia
    [ Official ] Grand Fantasia Indonesia
    [ OFFICIAL ] Kitsune Indonesia
    [ OH LA LA~ ] ACE ONLINE Thread
    [ Private Server Ragnarok] RR1-Rebith [New Open]
    [ Private Server Ragnarok] RR1-Rebith Extreem [New Open]
    [ Private Server ] Freeze Ragnarok " Always Follow Your Dreams"
    [ Private Server ] Justice Ragnarok Online
    [ Private Server ] Light Gaming Network
    [ RF Private Server] RF Starlight
    [ RO ] fameRO the peacefully server.. GRAND OPENING Job 3rd READY !! based from kRO !
    [Aeriagames]Grand Fantasia
    [AION] Update Map 2.0
    [ANGKET]Minta tolong diisi yang suka game online FPS :)
    [ASIAN] GTA SanAndreas Roleplay OPENING
    [ask] Config Bot IdRO?
    [ask] DL bot zeus RO beserta tutorial
    [ASK] Game MMORPG
    [ASK] POINTBLANK (HS update mati)
    [Ask] Private Server RO
    [ASK] Server RF 2.2.3
    [Ask] Yang ngerti Dota masuk
    [ask]bot zeus ro low rate server
    [ASK]Double Cilent
    [ask]Problem RF Brazen
    [ASK]PW private server(kl bisa Swordman PW-Philipina) n yulgang indo pls
    [Atlantica] Guild Stromy Membutuhkan Prajurit Tangguh. WAJIB BACA !!!
    [BETA]Guns Of Icarus Online
    [Browser Or Client] Legend: Legacy Of The Dragon
    [bRO] Breaker RO - koneksi IIX
    Universe Wars
    [CABAL IDWS ] Guild Independence Server Venus
    [Cabal Online] St.Micheal Graveyard Cabal private server
    [CBT]Dungeon Fighter Online
    [CF] MaHoarTisT CLaN

    [Clan CrossFire] SimPeL
    [Clan Pb] .:Indowebster:.Re8orn
    [CLAN] Call Of Duty 4 Indowebster
    [Clan].:Indowebster:. Point Blank Philipina
    [Club AyoDance] -Indowebster-
    [Coming Soon] Futebol, Game Sepakbola Ala World of Warcraft
    [Coming Soon] XShot (Winner Online) (Indonesia)
    [Coming Soon]Ran online OFFICIAL indo
    [Confirmed] Granado Espada Indonesia (LYTO)
    [deusro]new deusro koneksi iix dicoba bos!!
    [Digimon] Digimon Adopt Indo
    [Discussion] SealOnline Eternal Destiny
    [Dota] Indonesian Future Gaming ! Wajib Masuk !
    [dota]Old Replay Collection
    [DWO] Dynasty Warrior Online
    [event aika]exp facebook like 5000
    [event aika]exp facebook like 5000
    [Event Dota]Menyambut hari kemerdekaan.
    [EVENT] FIRST AEACUS Extended to 26 Juni 2012
    [FaceBook Games] Fish a Fish (Bagi yg Hobby Mancing) !
    [FaceBook Games] Typing Maniac !
    [Facebook Games]Battlestations
    [Facebook logic Games] Who has the biggest brain, Geo challenge, Word challenge
    [facebook-game] -* battlestations *-
    [Facebook] BattleStations
    [Facebook] Mousehunt
    [FB Game] Battle Punks
    [FPS] Combat Arms (CA) Online
    [Fresh] RF Poseidon 2.2.3[Lokal] [Dragon Armor]
    [FSN] Battlefield Bad Company 2 (2010/ENG/RUS)
    [FSN] Battlestations - Midway (2007/PC/VITALITY)
    [FSN] Black White 2 (MacOS)
    [FSN] Brink.v 1.0.23504 (Update 8) (2011/PC/MULTI2)
    [FSN] Call of Juarez: An Anthology (2006-2011/MULTI2)
    [FSN] Dead Island (2011/RePack R.G. ReCoding/Update 1)
    [FSN] King Arthur: Fallen Champions (2011/PC/Eng)
    [FSN] Might Magic: Heroes VI [2011/PC/ENG/] *BETA*
    [FSN] Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes (2011/Multi8)
    [FSN] Need for Speed: Shift 2 Unleashed @ctivator MULTi7 (2011)
    [FSN] Operation Flashpoint : Red River (PC/Multi/FullIso)
    [FSN] Shaun White Snowboarding (PC/FullIso/Multi)
    [FSN] Splinter Cell Conviction 2010 Lossless RePack by SeRaph1
    [FSN] The Cursed Crusade-RELOADED [Full ISO/Action/2011]
    [FSN] Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction 2010 ENG
    [FSN] War On Terror (PC/FullIso/Multi)
    [FS] ProTrain Perfect 2 2010 (PC/DE/Eng)
    [Gamania]Tiara Concerto [Closed, will be open after Closed Beta Announced]
    [GAME FACEBOOK] - Barn Buddy
    [GAME FACEBOOK] - FunLand Indonesia
    [Game] RF CATALYST NEW !!
    [Gta - SanAndreas MultiPlayer] NS-RP [Nusantara Roleplay]
    [GTA San Andreas Multiplayer] Xtraordinary Roleplay
    [GTA: San Andreas Multiplayer] Nusagamers Roleplay
    [help]atlantica online
    [IDWS] Aion North America ver
    [IDWS] Aion Online Private Server Extreme
    [IDWS] Atlantica Online Ijji Server
    [IDWS] Killing Floor
    [IDWS] Requiem Online
    [IDWS]Guild Dragonica SEA IAHGAMES
    [IIX RAN Private Server] DonDonk RAN-X Online (Korean Version)
    [IIX] Pangya Season 4
    [IIX] RPG Gunz Online.. Di Jamin Seru..
    [Indowebster]Atlantica gemscool Guild
    [INFO HOT NEWS] Grand City Roleplay "GTA III Multiplayer"
    [info] Almighty Ragnarok Private Server
    [info] avalon heroes -- like dota -- lyto
    [Info] GIGABYTE E-SPORT Tournament
    [Info] Pokemon Game Web Based
    [Info] Requiem Online Indonesia (Lyto)
    [Info] Talisman Online - Borilus private server
    [INFO]Game web based baru-Mahadewa Online
    [info]new server dota bnet cyberindo
    [Introducing Event (CBT Homepage Open Event)]
    [lokal]RF-Celestial Open Beta 31 agustus-Elven Map Aktif
    [Longue] Private Server Logical RO
    [MAFIA WARS] Sudah berapa lama dan Sudah level berapa?
    [Market Glory] Game Pengasil Uang
    [Megaxsus]Grand Chase CBT
    [menarik!!! Private server baru dibuka]
    [MMORPG] ARGO Online (Dual Gameplay System ? TPS Targeting Mode)
    [MMORPG] Remnant Knights - The same developer behind Ran Online
    [Mythic Saga] Get Newbie Card For Free with UniPin
    [New - Local] RF PoseidonMaxi Private Server Mid Rate
    [New - PrivateServer] - ConfusedRO
    [New Game] Dreamland Online NA Server
    [new mmorpg] aika online global,5 nations 1000 vs 1000 players war
    [NEW MMORPG] IRIS ONLINE, Cute but Complicated with Tarot Theme New Mmorpg!!!
    [New Private Server] Split Ro
    [New Private Server]Cleon RO Private Server..
    [New Ran Online Private Server 2010]Ran Chronicle
    [NEW RELEASE] Web-based browser games
    [New Server Dota] New-MGI
    [New Server] Dota Bnet Mei 2012
    [New Server] Negubaku
    [New Server]Dota Luxury Juni 2012
    [New-Local PS RO] Existence-RO
    [new] bakugan dimensions
    [New] Ebook zynga secret technique 2011
    [New] Esuna Luna, Luna Private Server
    [New] GTA SA-MP Modern Java Roleplay! +1
    [NEW] PvPGN Lebay Ragnarok Lebay !! Dari RF Lebay gan !
    [NEW] World Of Kungfu Bizantium IIX
    [New]Confused Ro Rebith [150/50]
    [NEW]FREEJACK, Casual/action/racing game baru!!![CLOSED BETA]
    [NEW]Kyrios-RO IS NOW OFFICIALY LAUNCHED !!High Rate Private Server
    [NEW]Nusantara Gamers Roleplay
    [NEW]POCKIE NINJA: The official Naruto vs Bleach MMORPG
    [New]Samp Server Nusantara Gamer Roleplay
    [New]Shadow Company Indonesia : Zombie Mode !!!
    [nexon] na vindictus online obt (korea best game 2010)
    [NINJA SAGA] Indonesia Squad
    [North America Version] Dragon Nest "The fastest online action RPG !!!" Nexon
    [Official Community] Game Shadow Company Server Indonesia
    [official event] MAIN MONKEY KING ONLINE DAPET RAZER, BOLT 4G, dll!!!
    [OFFICIAL THREAD] L3K Coming Soon!!
    [OFFICIAL Thread] Skywind Heroes - 3D Turn-Based MMORPG
    [Official Turnament] Avalon @SpeedOne Net by Lytogame
    [official-chinese+english patch] digimon rpg online
    [Official] Apocalyps Online (Gemscool)
    [official] freejack indonesia!
    [OFFICIAL] HexaGamers ( DOTA Server )
    [Official] Kitsune Online Indonesia
    [Official] Lost Saga (gemscool)
    [Official] Rajagame Community
    [Official] Rappelz Online Server Indonesia
    [Official] Runes of Magic Indonesia
    [Official] Star Wars The Old Republic - It's Now Free 2 Play
    [Official] SushiCraft Minecraft Server
    [Official]Atlantica Indonesia
    [OFFICIAL]Fastblack New Version : The New High Octane Online Racing Game
    [OFFICIAL]Manajer Bola
    [OFFICIAL]SAMP:Elegant RolePlay[ID]
    [Pb]Open Recruitment Clan -JinX*|Pro-
    [Poll] Jenis Game Online yang Akan Dimainkan
    [Privat Server Lokal] Rfdiablo (Golden Mystery)
    [Private Server INDO] RF Online Trinity
    [Private Server Lokal] RF Poseidon 2.2.3 Medium Rate
    [Private server Ragnarok] Highker RO online
    [Private Server Ragnarok] Satan-RO
    [Private Server RO] Flarine Ragnarok Indonesia
    [Private Server RO] Rakki-RO
    [Private Server] Aidi Ragnarok Online
    [Private Server] AidiRO =Be Rich!! Be Strong!!=
    [Private Server] BBX-RO
    [Private Server] Black Gold Online Steampunk Fantasy MMORPG [1st World]
    [PRIVATE SERVER] Catashtropyc Ragnarok
    [Private Server] Celestial RO
    [Private Server] Confuse RO
    [PRIVATE SERVER] Confuse Ro [NEW!!]
    [Private Server] Confused-Ro (New Open)
    [Private Server] Diablo 2: LOD IIX connection
    [Private Server] Dream High Ragnarok Online
    [Private Server] Elemental RO
    [Private Server] Epiru RO - New Adventure On The Epiru World 3rd Job
    [Private Server] Etnis- RO 255/90
    [Private Server] Hellfire Iris
    [Private Server] Indofiles Ragnarok Online
    [Private Server] Lineage II Gracia Plus
    [Private Server] Lineage II HighFive Warlock
    [Private Server] Melon Ro
    [Private Server] Mutant RO ( PreReNew RO)
    [Private Server] New RYL 1 private server ( RYL OCEAN )
    [Private Server] NineSouls Ragnarok
    [Private Server] Oldsong-Ragnarok Online
    [Private Server] OneHeart - Ragnarok FULL Renewal
    [Private Server] Perfect World - HeatGames PW
    [Private Server] Perfect World International Sky
    [Private Server] Perfect World Online Ga Pake Donasi
    [Private Server] PLEDGE RO
    [Private Server] Qna-RO
    [Private Server] Quality RO
    [Private Server] RF aQuera (Server up tanggal 10 Des++)
    [Private Server] RF Brazen Update 2.2.3
    [Private Server] RF Hyper v.2.2.3
    [Private Server] RF Play Pvp Br 2.2.3 High rate
    [Private Server] RiseRO
    [Private Server] Starcyber Diablo 2: LOD PVPGN BattleNet Server
    [Private Server] Super Hero Ragnarok ( Anime PvP Collection )
    [Private Server] T.O.D Ro
    [Private Server] Tsukie Ragnarok Online
    [Private Server] Valkyrie-RO
    [Private Server] Ventus Ragnarok Online
    [Private Server] Vibe RO
    [Private Server] Zero Ragnarok (Pre Renewal) Open Beta Agustus 2011
    [Private Server]-Galaxy Ragnarok Renewal
    [Private Server]Circle Ragnarok Online
    [Private Server]Mouchi Ragnarok Online
    [Private Server]Mouchi Ragnarok Online
    [Private Server]Naruto Naiteki Kensei - Half Life mod
    [Private Server]Ran Elitez , baru keluar 1 januari 2012

    [Private Server]RF Marvelous Season II - Open today! RL None!
    [Private Server]Skyden Ragnarok Online
    [Private Server]Soul Dekaron
    [Private Server]Yulgang Online
    [PROMOSI]Game Dota Server IDGM
    [PS Lokal] RF Revolution 2.2.3
    [PS Lokal]Dragonica Impero (Launch 14 Oktober)
    [PS Ragnarok] Aidi Ro
    [PS-RO] G2D-Ragnarok :D
    [PS] Luna Online Gamenao
    [PS] Optical RO 3rd Class Jobs
    [PS] RF Chronicles New Update v2.2.3.2 Golden Age
    [ps]atlantica ogrealms exp 1000%
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    [PS]RPG GunZ - The Duel!!
    [PS]Seal Online
    [PURE ROOKIE] Super SHOWDOWN DoTA Torunament
    [Ragnarok Private Server] Team Of Death Ragnarok [ TodRO ]
    [Ragnarok PS] AstrayRO [Local Server]
    [Ragnarok PS] Fantasy RO [Local Server]
    [Ragnarok PS] Omega-RO Private Server [Local Server]
    [Ragnarok PS] UnderGround RO [Local Server]
    [Ran Online PS] Ran Chronicle Radical
    [Ran Online PS] Ran Chronicle Season 2
    [RAN Private Server] ECLIPSE RAN
    [Rec+]League of Legend NA
    [Release] Pandora Saga Online Indonesia
    [request] fifa online 3 garena
    [REQ] Maple Story PS !
    [REQ] Password Rise Of Nations - Rise Of Legends
    [RF GLORY] []New Private Server Lokal[]
    [RO International] Lucid Ro
    [RO Private Server] Digital RO 255/120 High Rate Server
    [RO Private Server] KeroRO
    [RO Private Server] Lunar RO4
    [RO private server] NeRO-Reborn 99/70 (fresh! buka tanggal 17-06-2010)
    [RO Private Server] Xsis RO
    [RO] Blackout RO
    [RO] Eclipse RO
    [RO] GaiaRO Private Server IIX
    [RO] Incipit RO (International High Rates Fun Server)
    [RO] IndonityRO open Beta :)
    [RO] KaisarRO JOB 3rd / Job 4 AVAILABLE rate 10rb/10rb
    [RO] KeroRO Private Server
    [RO] Local FABSRO
    [RO] LoveRO | Job 3rd | Balance Server | Masih Fresh n dah ramai
    [RO] Miruru RO
    [RO] Miruru RO New Server
    [RO] MusicalRO
    [RO] MyLunarRO
    [RO] MyuRockZ RO - Koneksi IIX (Lokal)
    [RO] SeasonalRO
    [RO] SneakzRO
    [RO] Unfrozen RO
    [RO]Fear RO - no lag bro ~
    [RO]Life RO New and Fresh!
    [RS][MF] Bright Shadow (2010/ENG)
    [RYL] Republik Private Server masuk sini
    [San Andreas Multiplayer] - IBP-Roleplay
    [Seal Online International] chat and talk
    [SEA] Dragonsaga (when Dragonica and Ragnarok Collide) Dragonarok
    [Server Dota] MageGamers
    [Server DotA] Melsa Battlenet Indonesia [GRATIS!!]
    [Share] AION China Open Beta
    [Share] RaiseRO private server
    [share] RYL2 DIGI IU [Private Server Lokal]
    [SHARE] Simp Cabal Private Server
    [share] video wem crossfire - china 2010 | lokal
    [tanya,jawab,info,lain2] dragon cave
    [Tanya] cara dapetin duit gampang di EMil chronicle online
    [Tanya]Tolong Menjawab Nubie Minta Jawaban
    [tips] sarana kerja game online
    [Trading] Sealindo Seal online Indonesia
    [WBG] Tribal Wars
    [WEB BASED GAMES] Kumpulan game yang bisa dimaenin pake browser doang
    [WEB BASED GAME] ada pemain pet forest disini?
    [Web Based,Facebook]Tycoon$
    [Web Based] 11x11 Football Manager
    [Web Based] Ambrosia [FB]
    [web based] bleach rpg
    [Web Based] Boomz [Like Gunbound]
    [Web Based] Castle Age [FB]
    [Web Based] Hero of World/HOG [strategy]
    [web based] indonesia membutuhkan mu !!!!! (marketglory)
    [Web Based]Koihime Musou, Anime 3 Kingdoms
    [Web Based][FaceBook]Yakuza Lords
    [Web Bases] Empire Heroes (Soft launching 9 Agustus 2010)
    [Web Base] Bloodwars
    [web base]DarkThrone free online games
    [WEB BASE]HEROES OF GAIA (cara maen nya mirip kaya Heroes might magic)
    [Web Base]Naruto Shippuden
    [Web Browsed Game] Prison Break..!
    [Web Games]TinierMe - Make Friends and Play Free Online Games
    [Web-Based-Game]Chronos Wars - Peperangan Luar Angkasa[TOP]
    [web-based] Indonesia membutuhkan anda !! -
    [Web-Based] Nindou (Mirip NEXIA) !
    [Web-Based] Three Kingdoms Online
    [Web-Based]Heroes of Might and Magic? Kingdoms
    [WebBased Game ~ Cool MMORPG] Canaan Online
    [WEBBASED GAMES]eRepublik, MMOG Berbasis Permainan Simulator Kehidupan dan Politik
    [WebBased MMORPG] Adventure Quest Worlds
    [WebBased-{2D}-MMORPG] Adventure Quest WORLD !
    [WebBasedGame ~ Comical RPG] Kingdom of Loathing
    [WebBasedGames] Pirate: Rule the Carribean
    [WebBasedGame] Domain of Heroes
    [Webbased] Dino-RPG
    [webbased] Manager League
    [WebBased]Maplestory hadir dalam facebook
    [WebBaseGame]Khan Wars
    [WebBaseGame]Kungfu Saga
    [Webtie] Dota 3 - Informer Website
    [WU] Bus - Tram - Cable Car Simulator - San Francisco v1.0.5 GER
    [WU] Oddworld Inhabitants - The Oddboxx 2010 (ENG)
    [WU] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (PC Game/Full ISO/Eng)
    [XpertEleven Game]IDWS League . . .
    [zo] zodiac online

    ^^_barker_^^ Major Grade 4 Ada yg Open Bwat Gwe ??

    {help} mau nny FF11 nih

    ~ Lytogame: GetAmped-X Indonesia ~
    ~ sERver dota baru ~ asik dan ramah ^^ ayo teman2 hohoho ^^
    ~Indowebster~ PB Clan Open Recuitment

    ? Canaan Online | MMORPG Web Based?
    ??? DEUS RO, Lokal, NO Donation, Lvl150, JOB3 AVAILABLE ???
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