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Thread: My Sassy Girl [2001]

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    Default My Sassy Girl / Yeopgijeogin Geunyeo [2001]

    My Sassy Girl (2001)
    Revised romanization
    Release Date
    : My Sassy Girl (English Title)
    : Yeopgijeogin Geunyeo
    : 엽기적인 그녀
    : Kwak Jae-Young
    : Kim Ho-Sik (novel), Kwak Jae-Young
    : Shin Chul, Park Geon-Seob
    : Kim Sung-Bok
    : July 27, 2001
    : 123 min
    : Korean
    : South Korea
    : Comedy | Drama | Romance
    : IMDb / AsianWiki

    Gyun-Woo (Cha Tae-Hyun) is a college student, more interested in picking up girls, drinking with his buddies and avoiding his nagging mother whenever possible. While riding the subway, a drunken girl (Gianna Jun) then changes his fate forever. She's nearly unconscious on the train and vomits on an older guy. She then leans over to Gyun-Woo and everybody assumes she is his girlfriend! Gyun-Woo soon finds himself in a relationship he didn't ask for, but soon unable to forget this sassy girl.


    Previous TS
    Thanks to meech



    Cha Tae-Hyun

    Gianna Jun
    Ji-hyun Jun

    Kim In-Mun
    Gyun-Woo's father

    Song Ok-Suk
    Gyun-Woo's mother

    Han Jin-Hee
    The Girl's father

    Yang Geum-Seok
    Gyun-Woo's aunt

    1. One of the scenes shown during the sequence when Gyeon-Woo is reading The Girl's letter shows The Girl in the coffee shop touching her ex-boyfriend's hand and is shown ordering a soda. (Throughout the film, whenever Gyeon-Woo tries to order soda, the Girl changes it to coffee.)
    2. The owner of the motel, where Gyeon-Woo and the Girl stay at twice, also is a subway operator and the gang leader that Gyeon-Woo encounters in prison. They are actually quintuplets (played by Kim Il-Woo). News of their birth is shown in a news article hanging at the door of the motel. They appear throughout the film.
    3. The transvestite girl Gyeon-Woo meets when he and The Girl are broken up appears earlier in the film, sitting next to The Girl on the subway scene where The Girl brings the forgotten package to the grandmother.
    4. The soundtrack used at the wuxia/samurai spoof scene was derived from Ashes of Time.
    5. In the scene where the Girl meets the old man at the tree-top time-capsule, viewers can see a small UFO fly away as the scene ends.
    6. Related Titles:
      1. My Sassy Girl (2001)
      2. Windstruck (2004)
      3. Cyborg She (2008)
      4. My Sassy Girl (TBS / 2008)
      5. My Sassy Girl 2 | Yeopgijeogin Geunyeo 2 (2014)
      6. My Sassy Girl | Yeopgijeogin geunyeo (*TBA / 2012)

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    1. Buat yang mau share link video maupun link subtitle, baca dulu Aturan Share Link.
    2. Buat yang mau komentar, baca dulu Aturan Posting.
    3. Buat yang masih newbie dan tidak mengerti cara download, baca dulu FAQ Asian Movies.
    4. Apabila ada link error / broken / tidak bisa didownload, baca dulu Aturan Perihal Broken Link
      atau bisa pm/vm langsung uploadernya

    Thread movie hanya membahas atau berdiskusi tentang film tersebut bukan yang lain.
    Index Download Link

    Other [CD1/CD2]&[Uncut Version] My.Sassy.Girl.(2001).DVDRip By.revolswdi

    Other [CD1/CD2]&[Uncut Version] [I-SUB]My.Sassy.Girl.(2001) By.revolswdi
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    My Sassy Girl

    Original Title : Yeopgijeogin geunyeo
    Release Date : July 27,2001

    Director : Kwak Jae-young
    Writers : Kim Ho-sik (novel), Kwak Jae-young (screenplay)

    Cha Tae-hyun - Gyeon-woo
    Jun Ji-hyun - The Girl

    IMDB Rating : 8.1/10 (24,943 votes)
    My Sassy Girl @IMDB

    My Sassy Girl
    (엽기적인 그녀; literally, That Bizarre Girl) is a 2001 South Korean romantic comedy film in which the lead protagonist's chance meeting with a drunk girl on the train changes his life. It is based on the true story told in a series of love letters written by Kim Ho-sik, a man who initially posted them on the Internet and later adapted them into a novel. The film was directed by Kwak Jae-yong.

    2001 Blue Dragon Awards Winner - Best New Actor (Cha Tae-hyun)
    2002 Grand Bell Awards Winner - Best Actress (Jun Ji-hyun)
    2002 Grand Bell Awards Winner - Best Screenplay (Kwak Jae-young)
    2003 Fant-Asia Film Festival Winner - Most Popular Film
    2003 Hochi Film Awards - Best Foreign Language Film
    2003 Hong Kong Film Awards Winner - Best Asian Film
    2004 Awards of the Japanese Academy Nominated - Best Foreign Film

    Download Links

    Hardsub Indo Part 1 Part 2 uploader : chikebum

    RAW [ubah ext .rar ke .avi] + English Sub uploader : hyde

    [MF][MAKNYOS]My Sassy Girl 300MB & 700MB
    [MF]MKV 2CD 500MB [password]
    [IDWS]MP4 655MB
    [IDWS]My Sassy Girl (Uncut Version) Kualitas DVD Rip + Subs Indo (400 MB)
    [UPTOBOX]My Sassy Girl (2001) BRRip 700MB
    [GDrive]My Sassy Girl (Uncut Version) Kualitas DVD Rip + Subs Indo (400 MB)

    [IDWS]720p HDTV 6.20GB [ALTERNATE VERSION] + Sub Indo | [subscene]Sub Indo
    [IDWS]My Sassy Girl (2001) 720p BluRay | 833mb

    Indo Sub uploader : iaj
    Indo Sub uploader : schunichi
    English Sub uploader : ayya1978

    OST My Sassy Girl uploader : novatria
    Hidden Block (you must be registered and have 5 posts):
    You do not have sufficient rights to see the hidden data contained here.

    My Sassy Girl Original Script [26/33]
    Chapter 1-9 [IDWS] -> uploader : djkopral
    Chapter 1-10
    Chapter 11-24
    Chapter 25
    Chapter 26

    All Chapter [Korean]

    Sudah Pernah Nonton My Sassy Girl? 1x? 2x? 3x?
    Yakin dah ngerti semuanya? Coba baca spoiler di bawah... ^^
    Show Did U Notice

    Director's Cut Version

    Alternate Version
    Alternate versions

    There are two scenes within the movie that have different soundtracks from each varying version, notably the EDKO and Starmax distributions.

    During the scene where Gyeon-Woo (as villain) fights the heroine in the Girl's second movie script, the soundtrack to Ashes of Time by Hong Kong filmmaker Wong Kar Wai can be heard, whereas in the Hong Kong-EDKO release the score has been replaced with a Korean track.
    During the scene where Gyeon-Woo exchanges shoes with the Girl, the song "My Girl" by The Temptations can be heard, whereas in the EDKO release the scene has been rescored with a Korean pop-track.
    In 2007 the song, "I Believe," featured a change in lyrics in relation to the short story "Fish Cheeks" from the novel, Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan. The lyrics reflected a portion of the story concerning the humiliation which the young Chinese girl felt after her heritage was set at the table of a Christmas Eve.
    sumber: wikipedia
    Windstruck & My Sassy Girl ga ada hubungan apa2
    Yg membuat mirip itu adalah scene akhir Windstruck & scene awal My Sassy Girl waktu di subway,tp sebetulnya ga ada hubungan apa2 antara 2 film ini.

    Pemeran utama wanita ga pernah disebutkan namanya
    Di film ini, pemeran utama wanita ga pernah disebutkan namanya, baik dr monolognya Gyeon-woo dan di ceritanya sendiri Gyeon-woo ga pernah memanggil nama cewenya.
    Si cewe biasa disebut "Girl".

    Pemain Kembar
    Di film ini ada 3 char yg berwajah sama.
    check this post and this one

    Failed Scene

    Misteri Kodok di dalam Time Capsule
    Hingga saat ini misteri kodok masih belum terpecahkan, ada beberapa teori dr member2 di sini....
    Quote Originally Posted by jordan2345
    gw rada ga ngerti yg bagian pohon dan kodok. gimana se maksudnya?
    si cwe dah tau si cwo bkl buka wadah itu jd dikasi suprise kodok ato gmn?
    Quote Originally Posted by assyahih
    klo menurut aku; itu bukan kejutan cewnya. cewnya kan baru dtg lagi setelah 3 tahun. klo filmnya sih blg, itu menjadi suatu rahasia unik yg tdk terpecahkan. dia (cha Tae hyun) juga bingung, koq kodoknya bisa sampe ada di dalam.
    Quote Originally Posted by meech
    sblm CTH dtg ke stu buat baca, bknnya ada orang tua yg pernah baca surat di dalem ?
    klo nurut gw seh orang itu yg narok kodok di dlmnya....
    Quote Originally Posted by kai_1412
    wah emg misterius tuh kodok, tp setelah gw nonton sekali lagi gw pikir itu kodok mungkin ditaro sm versi masa depan-nya si cwo...

    Misteri UFO, Kakek Bijaksana & Orang dari Masa Depan
    Quote Originally Posted by furry
    kakek itu kayaknya si CTH dari masa depan
    kan abis itu keliatan ufo/time machine yg terbang trus ngilang
    Quote Originally Posted by ero_senin
    JJH kan pernah bilang pengen ketemu orang dari masa depan, jadi mungkin itu si CTH dari masa depan. udah gitu kan pernah dibilang juga sama si JJH kalau dia percaya kalau banyak orang masa depan datang ke masa skarang dengan menggunakan UFO.. ow iya, satu lagi cluenya, pohonnya, kakek2 itu bilang pohon itu sebenernya mati setahun yang lalu tersambar petir, trus ditanam lagi sama dia, seharusnya ga mungkin itu pohon di tanam dalam setahun, jadi kayaknya dia mundur beberapa tahun kebelakang supaya nih pohon bisa ada untuk nandain tempat mereka ketemu
    Quote Originally Posted by meech
    klo dr sub yg gw baca seh....
    si CTH kan tiap taon dateng ke tmpt stu....
    trs pas dy tau klo pohonnya mati....
    dia nanem lagi tp bukan dari kecil bro....
    dia nyari pohon yg bnr2 mirip sama pohon yg lama trs ditancepin di stu....
    jujur aja gw agak krg percaya sm teori CTH itu dr masa depan
    klo nurut gw yg dibilang sm JJH ttg CTH dr masa depan itu cuman ungkapan buat dirinya sendiri, cos spti yg lu tau, JJH itu hidup di masa lalu....
    ngerti ga mksdnya ??? dia kan blon bisa nglepasin masa lalu dgn si mantan cowonya yg mati.... hingga akhirnya dia baca surat dari CTH....
    jd intinya bagi si JJH, CTH itu orang dari masa depan.... cos JJH selalu hidup di masa lalu n si CTH ngerti bgt ttg dia yg ga bisa lepas dr masa lalunya....
    Quote Originally Posted by aldehida
    seinget gw maksudnya JJH bilang CTH adalah orang dari masa depannya karena sebenernya dari dulu tantenya CTH (ibu mantannya JJH) mau kenalin CTH sama JJH, tapi JJHnya belum mau dikenalin sama cowo karena masih ngerasa kehilangan mantannya, pas diending kan akhirnya CTH dikenalin ke JJH sama tantenya, jadi tanpa JJH dan CTH kenal lebih dulu akhirnya di masa depan mereka bakalan dipertemukan oleh tantenya CMIIW
    Quote Originally Posted by erosenin
    dia bukan ngomong si CTH dari masa depan loh, tapi dia bilang dia percaya bahwa orang2 masa depan kadang berpetualang ke masa lalu, dan caranya menurut si JJH ya naik UFO, ini kalau ga salah yang pas si CTH disuruh dengerin scriptnya JJH. dan kebetulan pas yang ketemu kakek2 itu juga kan pas si kakek ngilang ada gambar UFOnya..
    trus kalau gw ga salah inget, si JJh pas akhirnya ketemu lagi sama CTH bilang kalau dia ketemu CTH dari masa depan.
    Quote Originally Posted by kai_1412
    tp bro gw pikir itu emg si cwo-nya yg dah tua, alias versi masa depannya...
    Alasannya :
    setelah gw tonton ulang ternyata setelah si cwe baca surat dr si cwo itu ada adegan si cwe liat langit kan, perhatiin deh ada UFO yg lwt gitu, emg sebentar bgt siy tp jelas2 itu bkn pesawat coz tiba2 ilang gitu aja...
    jd intinya niy emg nyeritaain si cwo yg time travel k masa lalu (mudah2an gw ga salah liat...)
    makanya di ending si cwe blg dah ketemu sm versi masa depan si cwo kan?
    Quote Originally Posted by mekprek
    Di atas tadi ada yang nyebutin soal Kyun Woo masa depan yang nyimpen kodok di kapsul waktu. Di salah satu web memang disebutkan kalo lelaki tua di bawah pohon itu emang Kyun Woo masa depan malah disebutkan juga sebenernya lelaki tua itu sempet muncul di adegan-adegan awal pas Kyun Woo dan si gadis pertama ketemu (tapi gw cari-cari belom ketemu juga).
    Quote Originally Posted by imdb trivia
    After the Girl talks to the old man for the last time, as she looks off into the sky, a small UFO hovers across and zips off real quickly. It's been said that the UFO is actually a time machine that KyunWoo, as an old man, used to revisit his past. The old man also makes a brief appearance near the beginning of the film when KyunWoo and the Girl meet for the first time.
    Quote Originally Posted by pandakadabra
    Screen Shot si orang tua di kereta awal

    Other Version
    My Sassy Girl J-Dorama (Ryokiteki na Kanojo)
    My Sassy Girl US version (2008)
    My Sassy Girl Bollywood Remake (Ugly Aur Pagli) -> IMDB
    My Sassy Girl 2 (Chinese version)
    My Sassy Girl (2001) BRRip xvid avi 700 MB | Davvas - Putlocker - Albafile by flea_tommy


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    kalo aja cewe aQ kayak gitu yang ada aQ gabung sama ISTI nih (Ikatan Suami Takut Istri)

    bener2 bikin ngakak......
    yang keduanya baru mulai romantis-romantisannya....

    beneran nonton nih pilm jadi ngefans sama jeon ji hyun...
    duh ketagihan film korea nih....
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    salah satu film korea favorit gw..

    mirip2 ama windstruck..cerita belakangny aja..

    tp tangisan gw lebih parah pas nonton windstruck..
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    Nich Film memang romantis abis...
    dan super kocak..wa nontonnya udah lebih dari 3x dan tetap suka lihat adegan-adegan kocaknya, dan juga adegan sedihnya.. :onion-05:
    Point 8.5 dari 10.
    Layak Tonton nich Film
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    ini salah satu film yg berkesan banget buat gw, dulu pertama kali nonton di Indosiar..
    sempet nyari2 di Glodok tapi ga pernah ketemu, malah jadi beli film yg "laen" deh.. hehehehe...
    thx buat yg udah upload, akhirnya gw bisa nonton nih film lagi..
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    Film yg gw gak bosen2 nonton.....komedi iya, romantis ho'oh, action juga ada kan?

    ketika suntuk, nonton ini.....
    ketika sedih, nonton ini.....
    ketika laper, ya makan dong, masak nonton doang....heheheheh

    suka JJH gara2 ni juga.....
    windstruck tu prekuel, tapi ceritanya emang agak ngelantur......
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    bagus banget film ini bro !!! KEREN !!!

    ada adegan marah,sedih,bahagia........

    Yang lucu :
    1. Waktu pertama kali bertemu, si ce muntah yang laki-laki suruh tanggung jawab.
    2. Waktu taruhan di atas kereta.
    3. Waktu di taman bermain di tawan sama tentara
    4. Waktu nemenin ce pulang trus ketahuan bawa kondom.... wkwkwk

    Yang sedih diisi tolong ya...
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    Thumbs up The reason why i really like korean movies

    Em..klo ingat film ini jadi malu sendiri.
    Berulang-ulang ditontonin terus.

    apalagi klo dengarin lagunya "I Believe"

    vote 9.0/10 donk :D
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